An unforgettable week #40

Hello fans and friends! It’s week 40 of the hottest photo contest on the web, and we’ve got an unforgettable lineup this week. We’ll get right to the list of naughty and nice, as we know that you’ve been waiting impatiently for the winners this week. It’s all love and devotion from our fans, but we know we’ve kept you waiting long enough. 😉

We start off like we usually do with some honorable mentions. These might not have won cash this week, but they did gain some great exposure and definitely won some new friends. We link every tumblr submission from our girls to their mygirlfund profile so all you have to do is click the shot to go straight to her personal profile where you can hit her up to flirt chat or play. We know… so thoughtful, right? Same goes for the shots you see here. Notice a girl who makes you twitch in the best possible way? Yeah. Click her shot, and send her a message. You never know what comes up between you two.

So, 4 honorable mentions this week. This week was especially tough to call. Check them out below, and you’ll immediately see why that was.

nofacechan didn’t buy that sucker at the supermarket.

nofacechan didn’t buy that sucker at the supermarket… Her sweet and sticky submission scores an honorable mention in week 40 <3.



LexxiiNicole mastering the art of the bathroom selfie

lexxiinicole has got the mirror selfie mastered. She scores an honorable mention in week 40 ❤



XxNaughtyGirlxX spending some quality time in front of the lens

xxnaughtygirlxx spending some quality time in her natural habitat




AdrianLee playing with color and form here nicely.

Color and form here are so on point. Adrianlee scores an honorable mention in week 40 ❤



Now on to the cash money winners for week 40. There are 4 winners positions, and we start off with the two runner ups per usual.


The ephemeral felicityxxo flits and floats like a butterfly in this gorgeous shot below. She scores a runner spot. Congrats! ❤

The ephemereal FelicityXxo

sassyginger- both sassy, and ginger is brand new, and already winning money in the hottest photo contest on the internet. Runner up! Congrats ❤

SassyyGinger- both sassy, and ginger. Isn’t she gorgeous?

xnikki is brand new, and already capturing our imaginations. She rocks a first place crown in week 40. Keep em coming ❤

xnikki snapping sultry selfies in the sink

xnikki takes a flawless selfie, doesn’t she?

ataraxiaxo is also brand spanking new, and wearing the first place crown here like a boss. She rocked it! ❤ Congrats on the instant cash, and first place win. ❤ ❤ ❤

The alluring AtaraxiaXO

The sweetly supine AtaraxiaXO

See you next week, dear reader. Ciao.

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