More sizzle in Week #34

Week 34 brought more. More sex, more sizzle, more entries, more new girls… Moar! Seems as if fall is picking up steam, and the girls are all indoors contemplating their autumn and winter sets. Costumes, backdrops, props etc all await us for the last part of 2017. We can’t wait! So bring on the cosplay, we’re waiting, and our audience is as well.

This week we have four honorable mentions to bring you before we rock the winners circle. These are shots that were too hot to leave out of this post, but didn’t quite make one of the four cash prize spots we award every week. Check them out below.

infinite FelicityXxo’s

FelicityXxo in multiples. Yum! This shot scores honorable mention for week 34.


Say what’s up to APPLEXOXO, she’s brand new around here

AppleXoXo is too much for you to handle. She scores an honorable mention in week 34. ❤




sabrina97xo enjoying some luxurious bubbly time

Sabrina97Xo enjoying a bit of wining and dining in bed scores her an honorable mention in week 34 ❤






Oh hello there PinkMaggit

PinkMaggit scores an honorable mention in week 34 for this gorgeous shot


That brings us to the part of the week where we start handing out dough. Like bakers.. breadmakers… yeah, you get the point. The next four contestants won green money for their shots. Make sure you click through to their mygirlfund profiles to congratulate them for winning the hottest photo contest on the web. 🙂

Firebrand struts up through the darkness and takes home a runner up crown for this gorgeous shot on black below. Easy win Firebrand, congratulations. 🙂

The redheaded Firebrand looking glam af

KinkyNyra all dolled up in pink bondage gear and kitty ears looks soft and dangerous at the same time. Yummy contrast! She scores a runner up for week 34. ❤

KinkyNyra is a kitten princess

ShesInStereo absolutely rocked this shot below. She handily picks up a first place win for the great emotional content, and creative composition. Great job, and congratulations! ❤

shesinstereo living up to her name

LilKitten lit us up with this trio of shots below. She scores first place in week 34 for the all around amazing media she submitted this week. We’re blown away! Congrats LilKitten, keep em coming.

This shot from lilkitten96 is off the chain

lilkitten96 showing off her sacred geometry

lilkitten96 is cute as a button

That wraps it up. We love it when a week comes to a satisfying close. That means the new week is right around the corner. Stay tuned. ❤

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