Rocking week #32’s winners

Oh, hi there. Our typewriters have been furiously clicking all week to keep up with the entries from the hottest contestants on the internet.  Somehow they find us in the ether and decide that it’s a great idea to comb through their media for the best of the best to send into our amazing contest. (Hint, it is a great idea.)

In return? We put them out on the wire to the waiting audience we have on Tumblr, and our devoted audience likes, comments, faves, and reblogs their favorite girls until their clicker fingers are sore. To make it even nicer, we award 4 cash prizes every week to the best media entries. Two winners, and two runner ups.

This post rocks the 4 cash prize winners, as you may already know. We also showcase some honorable mentions that came close to winning, but didn’t quite get there. Still, the lineup this week is unforgettable, we think you’ll agree. Take a look below.


Tifa7 is brand new around here, show her some love

The brand spanking new Tifa7 scores an honorable mention for this gorgeous shot. Congrats. ❤


HotPepper doesn’t mind if you take a peek down her shirt

HotPepper grabs up an honorable mention for this sexy downblouse. ❤


fireflynrrrd looks ready for the Grammys’

fireflynrrrd looking dressed to the 9’s grabs up an honorable mention this week. Gorgeous!



PiercingCute’s debut shot for the hottest photo contest on the web is gorgeous

PiercingCute’s debut shot has got that gorgeous depth of field. She’s brand spanking new and already off to a great start. She grabs an honorable mention this week. ❤

shygirlnudes is almost brand new, and already winning green money for her submissions. This over the shoulder shot below scores her a runner up position in the winners circle. So pretty 🙂 Congrats ShyGirlNudes, keep em’ comin!

loving this soft over-the-shoulder shot from shygirlnudes

Lyssbabe sexes the place up with these two provocative shots below. She scores a runner up crown this week for the off-the-charts sex appeal she brings to the table. Congrats Lyssbabe!

lyssbabe showing off her derrierre

lyssbabe playing with her food

firebrand wins a first place crown for this over and under diptych below. It’s just got all that and then some, don’t you agree? Easy win this week Firebrand, excellent showing. ❤

This pair of beautiful shots comes from firebrand

98percentangel takes the remaining first place crown home for these two gorgeous shots below. We’re especially fond of the restaurant one below. It’s got all the ingredients to win some green money in the pole position of the hottest photo contest on the internet. Congrats 98% ❤

98percentangel looking coyly coquettish

98percentangel does pinup punk the right way

Wait till you get a load of next weeks contestants. Stay tuned! ❤

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