No slowing down in mygirlfund’s week #30

Hey, hi, hello there fans and friends! Welcome to the winners’ announcement for week 30 of the hottest photo contest on the internet, or in the entire world for that matter.

It’s been a spotty two weeks or so for your resident editor, but we’re back, and thankfully our contestants haven’t slowed down a bit. They kept sending in their shots, and our fans on Tumblr kept reblogging and showing all the love and devoted attention that we are used to around these parts.
Are you a new girl looking to throw her hat in the ring for the mygirlfund photo contest? It couldn’t be simpler. Check out our rules page for deets on how to submit. Just a reminder, we don’t take submissions on Tumblr! You have to follow the process laid out in the link above. (Don’t worry, it’s still super-simple.)

We do the damn thing 365 days a year, and this contest has been running strong over the course of multiple blogs now for years. Our humble and fun contest has become a mini-institution in and of itself. Don’t miss out on the weekly cash prizes, or all the new fans and friends that you can make.

We start off week thirty with some honorable mentions like we usually do. These are shots that came close to winning but didn’t quite get there. They are still too hot to leave out and deserve the exposure and love. Check them out below.

GrlNxtDoorXO- damn. All american badassery

GrlNxtDoorXO could reboot Baywatch all by herself. This shot takes an honorable mention for week 30 ❤




luuna showing off her derrierre

luuna’s perfect cheeks score her an honorable mention in week 30 of the hottest photo contest on the internet ❤



KinkyKatxo bent over her bed looking absolutely flawless

KinkyKatxo is that girl next door you dream of, but don’t have the guts to approach. She scores an honorable mention for this fresh faced shot in week 30 ❤


FelicityXxo all tied up in a nice little harness with hot pink rope is just the bees knees. Her shot scores her a runner up crown in week 30. So. Hot. Congrats Felicity!

FelicityXxo showing off her hot pink rope harness

AuroraRoseXx has got a fresh face that is so compelling your scrolling finger freezes as soon as you see it. 🙂 That smile though. Her shot scores her a runner up crown in week 30. Congrats, Aurora! ❤

AuroraRoseXx wearing nothing but a handbra

…We don’t know exactly what is going on in this shot from the lovely HotPepper- but she has seriously taken unicorn-horsey-monster-fighting to the next level. We had to award this shot a first place crown. This girl knows how to have fun! Congrats Pepper, keep em guessing!

We don’t know what the hell is going on in HotPepper’s room… but we like it.

TheSunlitSlut brings the elegance up a notch or ten, and as always, her perfectly lit and composed shots are hot-as-July. She’s got that million dollar look, don’t you agree? Her trifecta takes the final first place crown for week 30. Congrats Sunlit, you did it again! ❤

TheSunlitSlut spending a bit of quality time in the light from the window

TheSunlitSlut intrepid triptych is off the chain

TheSunlitSlut showing off a range of emotion in this weeks shots

We bring it to a close ladies and gents. Stay tuned for 31 and 32, hot on the heels of this post. Ciao!

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