Sharing the winners of week #28

Week 28 is here and we’re excited to share the winners! Before you check them out though, be sure to open this link and have a look at the entire lineup for the hottest photo contest on the web. You’ll get an idea of what it is we’re working with when we compile the winners every week. Think you could do better? Sound off in the comments and let us know who you think should have won!

Are you a mygirlfund girl looking to throw your hat in the ring for this contest? Make sure you check out the rules page for information on how to enter this contest.

Are you a fan? Make sure you click the shots of the girls you like, and you’ll go straight to her mygirlfund profile where you can flirt chat and play all day if you would like. These gorgeous contestants, at the end of the day, do this all for you, dear reader.

We start off like normal with 4 honorable mentions to show you before we get to our 4 weekly winners.


The brand new BabyNix- show her some reblog love :)

Brand spanking new BabyNix scores an honorable mention in week 28 for this classic black and white shot. ❤


BasileMae’s gorgeous blue eyes

BasilMae’s baby blues score an honorable mention in week 28. ❤


LucilleInPinkLace is geared up for entertainment

LucilleinPinkLace working the night shift scores an honorable mention for week 28. ❤


98percentangel is inked to perfection

98percentAngel is inked with classic Americana style art. Gorgeous. Her shot scores an honorable mention for week 28 ❤


Dusti steps up as a brand new girl and struts into the winners’ circle. She grabs a runner up crown for this idyllic shot below of her contemplating pure tranquillity. Congrats Dusti, you’re off to a great start! ❤

Dusti in the afternoon sunshine

ChrissyTheSissy is another brand-spanking-new-girl who wins some money in week 28. We frigging love it when that happens. 🙂 Gorgeous shot Chrissy! ❤ Congrats.

Chrissythesissy is brand spanking new around here- show her some love :)

BarleyBecker has three shots below. We couldn’t decide which of them should grab the first place crown, so we included all three. 😉 Every one of them is a serious contender… oh yeah, and Barley is a brand spanking new contestant as well. It’s the week of the new girl, and Barley is wearing the first place crown. Congrats Barley, keep em coming!

BarleyBecker in knee highs looking coyly sexalicious

BarleyBecker looking stunning

BarleyBecker is au natural in the great outdoors


KinkyNyra snaps up the remaining first place crown for this bright and super focused shot of her looking like a color boss in a trucker hat and ultra tiny shorts. She’s got an inimitable style, don’t you agree? Great shot, and congrats Nyra! ❤ KinkyNyra is made of perfection

More where this came from in week 29. Stay tuned folks. ❤ ❤ ❤


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