Keeping pace with mygirlfund’s week #27

It’s week #27 of the mygirlfund photo contest on Tumblr, and we’re past the halfway point through the year. By now you may have expected to see things slow down a bit, or level out.. but that’s definitely not the case. As the hottest summer in ages rages on, our fiery little contest is keeping pace, degree for degree.

The audience? Fully engaged. The girls? Excited to share, and bursting with juicy and creative ideas. These aren’t your average Tumblr girls. These are mygirlfund girls, and that means they have their finger on the pulse of what you want to see. Like always.

So like always, we’re going to start with our honorable mentions. These are shots that didn’t win money but deserve some space in this post so that you can see what we’re working with when we try to hand out the four winning crowns every week. This week we’re going to deviate a bit and include 5 honorable mentions in addition to our 4 winners. See someone in our lineup on the mygirlfund photo contest feed you thought should have made it? Let us know in the comments! Your opinion counts, dear reader. Let your voice be heard.


Brand new girl calinative, in her native habitat

CaliNative in her natural habitat strikes a classic pose. She stole an honorable mention for this week. ❤


XoEnchantedXo showing off her perfect bubble butt

XoEnchantedXo’s derriere made its way into our honorable mentions for week 27. ❤



PinkMaggit wearing the cutest red strappy number

PinkMaggit is our real girl extraordinaire. You should check out her blogs on mygirlfund. Her hot shot takes an honorable mention for week 27. ❤


heroxo in bed looking like she’s having an amazing time

Heroxo in a rose petal covered bed looking happy as can be scores an honorable mention in week 27. ❤



HollyKen is brand new around here, give her a warm welcome :)

We couldn’t leave brand new girl, HollyKen out of the lineup this week. Her hot outdoor bikini shot scores an honorable mention for week 27

xxozzyxx starts off the money train this week with a runner up spot for this super color-contrasted shot below. Our resident rocker sports a Slayer T-shirt and some dangerous curves to go with the beautiful palette. Irresistible. Congrats Ozzy. Enjoy the spending cash!

xxozzyxx is brand new to the hottest photo contest on the web- give it up for her gorgeous debut submission

Laciiee’s full frontal midriff focused shot scores a runner up crown for week 27. She’s all that and then some more, don’t you agree? Congrats Laciiee, gorgeous. ❤

The flawless Laciiee

CherryBat clever composition and slight Dutch angle works to great advantage here. This lithe and gorgeous girl is brand new to the hottest photo contest on the web. She grabs a first place crown almost right away. We love it when that happens. ❤ Congrats Cherry, 1st place!

cherrybat is the girl of your dreams

XxNaughtyGirlxX below grabs our final first place crown for these two deliciously composed shots. They are candid, but careful, well lit, and have sex appeal that goes all the way off the charts. A perfect recipe for a first place win! Congrats NaughtyGirl! ❤loving this shot from XxNaughtyGirlxXXxNaughtyGirlxX in sheer thigh highs

We’ve wrapped it folks. Next week is week 28. The results are in, and the post is done. Stay tuned to see it posted!



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