The hottest girls next door of week #26

There are photo contests, and then there is the hottest photo contest on the web. Scroll through this post, and you’ll immediately see what we mean. It’s like this contest has become a magnet for the hottest girl-next-door types on the planet. They come from all over the world to throw their hat in the ring for a chance at one of four weekly cash prizes. Our contestants throw their best shots at us week after week, and we do our absolute best to send them out to our audience with a quirky little caption, and a pat on the butt. It seems to work, and this year, better than ever.

Week 26 marks halfway through the year, and so far, we’re on fire with the amount of shots we’re getting from a wide variety of girls.  Can you believe 2017 is really half way over? It’s true folks, time flies when you’re having fun! Speaking of fun, This week had extra helpings of it. Extra fun, means extra difficulty choosing our 4 weekly winners though. We appreciate the input you all give in telling us how we did. Did your favorite girl win? Let us know in the comments.

We’ll start off with 4 honorable mentions like we usually do this week. These are shots that came oh-so-close to winning. We couldn’t bear to leave them out of this post. Check them out bellow.


Beauty from behind in a red one piece

Beauty from behind is beautiful. Her shot scores an honorable mention in week 26 ❤



FelicityXxo showing off her rope bending skills

FelicityXxo showing off her rope bending skills takes honorable mention in week 26- show her some love 🙂



Lovelexie in glasses and pink lipstick

The lovelylexie’s coquettish selfie takes an honorable mention in week 26 ❤


BadWolfGirl fangirling for Dr. Who

BadWolfGirl scores an honorable mention in week 26 for this cute shot of her fangirling for Dr. Who

That brings us to the money part of this post. We have two runner up crowns and two first place crowns that we award every week. We’ll start off with our runner-ups. Check them out below.

SensualSecret4u caught in a motion with her hair blowing around snaps up a runner-up crown this week. We think she did a great job with the exposure for this backlit shot, don’t you agree? Congrats SensualSecret! ❤

Sensualsecret4u caught in sillhouete is gorgeous

DregsofPluto is a mile high in this shot below. The composition and camera angle here work frigging perfectly, don’t you agree? Damn. She takes a runner-up crown and wins some cash for week 26. Congrats! ❤

Dregsofpluto has got legs that go on forever

Shylohpet nails the color pallette and sharpness for these two shots below. She’s brand new to our contest, and already taking first place crowns like a boss. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us. ❤ Congrats Shyloh. ❤

ShylohPet wearing nothing but a handbra

Loving this shot from brand new girl ShylohPet

SexySteph1988 has some serious skills both in front of and behind the lens. She’s quickly becoming a fan-favorite as well in our contest. Check out these two shots below and you’ll see why. She scores a first place crown in week 26. Congrats Steph, you did it again! ❤

SexySteph1988 getting creative with her compact

SexySteph1988 doesn’t mind if you peek down her shirt

That stacks it up nicely at the halfway mark for this year. Stay tuned folks, see you next week for week 27, and 28. ❤

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