Bringing it home in week #24

It’s week 24 of the hottest photo contest on the entire web, and the shots we got this week were enough to satisfy even the pickiest of our audience. The variety of girls we have submitting shots on a weekly basis is astounding, and the amount of creativity is noteworthy, to say the least. It just keeps getting better as the year marches on through the blistering summer heat. Mygirlfund girls just keep on bringing it home, and we keep rewarding them every week with cash prizes for their efforts. We won’t slow down if you don’t, deal?

This week we have 4 honorable mentions to share before we start throwing cash around, 3 of whom are brand spanking new to our photo contest on Tumblr. We see good things in their future, and we think you’ll agree. Check them out below.


Say hey to Mollzballz- she’s brand new to the hottest photo contest on the web. Her debut shot scores her an honorable mention in week 24



KinkyNyra posing sexy in this bathroom selfie

KinkyNyra grabs up an honorable mention in week 24 for this cute shot. Congratulations! ❤


KyliexDevyn is brand spanking new around here, show her some love

KyliexDevyn is off to a good start. Her dark and mysterious debut submission scores an honorable mention in week 24. Nice shot Kylie. ❤



Sexygirl87 is brand spanking new around here, give this fresh-faced cutie some love

The brand spanking new Sexygirl87’s red on red headshot portrait scores her an honorable mention in week 24. Congrats! ❤



HotPepper kicks off the winner’s circle with this study in purples below. She is about as colortastic as a girl can get, and this week it pays off nicely for her. She scores runner-up for this #girlsinbed submission. Congrats Pepper, nicely done!

HotPepper being her spicy self

The inimitable CherryBella, minus pants, takes home a runner-up crown for this carefully composed portrait style shot below. Those locks are so luxurious, if it weren’t for the pantsless part, she could be an entire hair commercial with just this one shot. Gorgeous Cherry, congratulations!

Cherry_Bella’s flawless form

CharlotteOXO swings and grabs the coveted first place crown in week 24. We’re loving the braids, and the lighting was on point as well. This is her first win, and we see great things in her future. Congrats Charlotte, nicely done!

CharlotteOXO in double braids looking fit and fly af

CharlotteOXO showing off her mile long legs

LilyFey absolutely rocked it with this shot below of her decorated with end-of-spring flowers. Everything about this shot just worked out perfectly, from the composition to the not-a-single-blown-highlight part. We loved it, and so did our audience on Tumblr. Congrats Lily, gorgeous as always- first place!

LilyFey celebrating the end of spring. Bring on the summer :)

Stay tuned for a prolific week 25, coming soon! ❤ Ciao

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