Rounding up mygirlfund’s week #19

Hello, there loyal friends, fans, and followers. It’s week 19 and the girls of mygirlfund lined up in our queue and around the block this week for a chance at one of the 4 cash prizes that we hand out weekly. Well, that and the great recognition they receive from our loyal scores of followers in the hottest photo contest on the web. We’re deep into the year already for 2017, at week 19- and the middle of the year quickly approaches, with all the attending summertime goodness that it brings.

If you don’t know how it works by now, then here’s the rundown. The freshest, newest and most creative girls on mygirlfund all submit their hottest shots of the week to our Tumblog, where we caption, link, and post them for our hungry audience. Then at the end of the week, we round up the best one, and award 4 cash prizes for the best ones.

The best thing about the contest, other than the contest itself of course- is that you can talk to your favorite girls in it! All you have to do is click their shot, and you get taken to their personal profile where you can send them a message or chat them up to say hey. We’ve made it so easy for you to connect with these girls, that the only way it could get easier is if they showed up and knocked on your front door. (yeah right, you wish. ;))

So without further adieu, we’ll start week 19 off with a few honorable mentions like we usually do. This week we have 3- check them out below.


Say hey to StellaSkyye- she’s brand new to the hottest photo contest on the internet- and her shot takes an honorable mention for week 19 ❤





Glasses can’t hide LexDollface’s compelling blue eyes

LexDollFace grabs an honorable mention for this ubercute handbra selfie



Jocelynbaker is fishnetted perfection in this high key shot

JocelynBaker snaps up an honorable mention for this naughty nurse shot in bed


LynnRoseX is brand new and achingly gorgeous in her natural habitat, and this shot of her in a state of undress grabs her a runner-up crown for week 19. Congrats Lynn, keep em comin!

Give up some love for LynnRoseX- she’s brand new to the hottest photo contest on the web



BlackVelvet snaps up the other runner-up crown for this shot of her in sheer red. Her style is so understated and gorgeous. Just about every shot she sends in grabs her a position in our lineup. Like we said above, just click her shot- and tell herself that she won some dough in the hottest photo contest on the internet. 😛Black velvet in the yummiest little sheer red thing.

Indirene is brand new, and she strolled up like a boss in our queue and picked up a first place crown for this worthy shot of her posing for the cam in her natural habitat. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us. Congrats Rene!

Indirene from behind in her room is just as cute as can be

ArielleLove had herself a fantastic weekend and has the pics to prove it. 😀 She grabs the remaining first place crown for these two shots below. Raise your glass and make a toast for another brand new girl in our photo contest. Congrats Arielle! ❤

ArielleLove enjoying some QT with a glass of wine in the hot tub

ArielleLove’s headshot game is flawless

That wraps it, stacks it, and stashes it in our lineup for week 19. Stay tuned for week 20, coming hot on the heels of this post. Ciao!

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