Week 17 was short but sweet

Hey, Hi, and Hello there, dear reader. This is the week 17 winner’s announcement for the hottest photo contest on the web, and you’ve found yourself right in the middle of it. 🙂 We couldn’t think of a better place for you to be. The lineup of girls this week is short but oh-so-sweet. A couple newbies, a couple favorites, and even a surprise or two. Notable this week especially are Sleepybabie’s Gifs. We want to take a couple of sentences to point them out and make sure you know that Gif’s do win money on the Mygirlfund photo contest on Tumblr. If you’re in the business of winning the hottest photo contest on the web, you may want to consider adding a Gif or two to your repertoire. They seem to do extra good with our audience on Tumblr.

We’ll make the rest of this quick, and get right to the good stuff for the week, and then week 18 coming right around the corner of the weekend after this.

There are three honorable mentions to show off before we get to the winners this week, and they are all stunners. Check them out below.

Sailormoon7 is brand new around here at the hottest photo contest on the web- show her some love for this gorgeous low-key black and white

Brand new SailorMoon puts in this elegant black and white and scores an honorable mention for week 17 ❤




Bossbaebeexo in bed looking like a million bucks

Bossbaebeexo in week 17 grabs an honorable mention for this sultry shot of her in her natural habitat ❤



KittyMoon rocking red flannel and thigh highs in bed

Kittymoon’s signature style is getting better and better. She scores an honorable mention for week 17 ❤




That leaves us with the cash-money winners for week 17. 4 winners- two 1st place, and two runner-ups. Same deal every week, rain, sleet, or snow. This week JCRC kicks it off and steps into the winner’s circle with a runner up crown for this candid shot below of her showing off her golden abs of perfection. Sumptuous, candid, and nicely lit- don’t you agree? Congrats Jcrc.

Jcrc snapped this sexy mirror selfie for us

LexDollFace has the guys lined up on Tumblr- we’re sure it pays off handsomely for her- but this week she scores a little extra and wins a runner-up crown for this cute and candid shot below of her fangirling for Taylor Swift. Gorgeous, as always Lex, congratulations. 🙂

LexDollface, we agree. Vinyl is better

SleepyBabie picks up that hefty first place crown for her Gif entries here below. She has got the sauce, doesn’t she? It’s worth noting how few Gifs we receive in the hottest photo contest on the web. They are worth the time to do, both for your mygirlfund profile and for your contest entries. In this case, Sleepy baby looped the love exquisitely, and it pays off for her gorgeously. Congrats, SB. Keep on rockin it. ❤

sleepybabie taking it to another level

We’re loving this sleepybabie gif

JJDahlia rounds out the winner’s circle and grabs the remaining first place crown with aplomb. Everyone loves a JJDahlia shot- including us. She knows just how to focus the attention in the right places with her composition and lighting choices. This week it pays off nicely for her. Congrats JJ, gorgeous as always. ❤

JJDahlia has got that perfect arch

Stay tuned for week 18, wagon trained right on the heels of this post. It’s all love, and we don’t mind sharing a bit. See you next week. ❤




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