Mygirlfund’s week #16 was all good

Welcome to the sixteenth week of the Mygirlfund photo contest’s winners announcement. If you don’t know already, now’s the time to put yourself in the know about the hottest photo contest on the entire internet. Go ahead we’ll wait. When you’re all caught up, pop back over here and see who won for week 16. 😉

Back? Good. We’ll get right to the good stuff because honestly, it’s all good in the mygirlfund neighborhood. You should really check out the stream of shots for this week to see for yourself how monumentally hard it is to choose winners for this contest. You should feel absolutely free to sound off in the comments to let us know who you think you should have won. Let your voice be heard!

We’ll get to it for week 16 with 3 honorable mentions to show off before we present the 4 winning shots. These are girls who could have won, almost did win, but not quite. We think you’ll agree that they are top quality nonetheless and oh-so-worthy of inclusion.

Isn’t the brand new Klausybear the cutest girl you’ve ever seen? She scores an honorable mention this week for her debut shot. ❤



CourtneyPage sent us this smokin hot shot

The inimitable CourtneyPage sent us this smoking hot shot, and scores an honorable mention for the week. ❤ Fantastic.



Nastiabunny’s debut shot in the hottest photo contest on the web is gorgeous, isn’t it? It scores an honorable mention for week 16 ❤ Congrats, Nastia, keep em’ coming!



MiztressSophie starts off the winner’s circle with this shot below. Wow is all we can say. This girl is set up for the most precarious game of baseball ever on those heels. So hot- we had to fork out some money for it. She grabs a runner-up spot for week 16. Congrats Sophie, this shot was off the chain.

Loving this shot from MiztressSophie

CrystalGhoul in an inky-dyed tub rocking her newly brunette locks and snapping ultra hot selfies scores the other runner-up spot for week 16. She is brand spanking new to this contest. Make sure you click her shot and let her know she’s a winner. 🙂 Congrats Crystal.

crystalghoul is brand new to the sexiest photo contest on the web- show her some love :)

BerryXo- another brand spanking new girl, sent us a rainbow in the dark, and it paid off for her so very nicely. She takes a first place spot for week 16. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us. 🙂

berryxo sent us a rainbow in the dark

AmandaBynes rounds out the winners’ circle with a first place crown for this steamy hot, and super sharp shower shot. We love how dynamic this came out. Great shot Amanda, congrats. 🙂

Loving this shot from Amandabynes

Stay tuned for week 17’s winners- coming soon!~ ❤





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