More hot girls than you can shake a stick at in week #15

It’s that time again, dear reader. Time to take up the digital quill and write the winners’ announcement for the hottest photo contest on the entire internet. It was a solid week with scores of entries from the freshest girl-next-door types around. More girls than you can shake a stick at if you don’t mind the euphemism.

This week, three brand new girls won, and one elusive favorite that you rarely see, unless it’s to submit a stunner like what you’ll see at the bottom of this post.  From casual creators to prolific producers, we have the most creative and the hottest girls anywhere. They don’t half-time when it comes to their submissions, and each year, week by week, this contest has only got better.

We take the time to caption every post and give every contestant massive exposure on our Tumblog where we have a giant army of followers eagerly awaiting the next queue drop every day. Our girls don’t disappoint, and neither does our audience who wait with baited breath for their next appearance. Best thing is, of course, as always, you can talk to any of these cuties if they catch your eye. All you have to do is click the shot of your favorite contestant, either here, or on our Tumblr, and then you’ll go straight to her Mygirlfund profile where you can flirt chat and play until the wee hours of the morning if you’d like. Believe us, they actually love hearing from you. 🙂

To get straight to it for week 15, we have two honorable mentions to share with you before announcing the winners. These are shots that didn’t win but came oh-so-very-close. Check them out below.

SexySteph1988 in double braids and perfect light

SexySteph1988 in double braids and perfect light grabs an honorable mention for week 17


kaate looks like a supermodel in this shot

Kaate grabs an honorable mention for week 17- this shot is gorgeous. ❤


Aryana, with supreme indifference, is caught in this gorgeously contemplative moment of wine in the hotel lobby. She is brand new to our contest, and the depth of field and unusual nature of this shot caught our eye and showcased a rare candid moment that we appreciated. You can click her shot and tell her that she won runner-up in week 15. 🙂 Congrats, Aryana- keep em comin!

Aryana enjoying some white wine-


RyleyDean stepped into the winners’ circle for week 15 with these two sexed-up shots below. We’re perhaps quite partial to O faces, we must admit- but we really enjoyed the sudsy goodness of this bathtub shot below as well. The candid little grin she’s rocking belies her bad girl ink, doesn’t it? Ryley is also brand spanking new around here, and already winning dough. Make sure you congratulate her yourself!

Ryleydean is brand spanking new around here, show her some love for her debut submission

Ryleydean has got a world class O face

Jcrc, kissed with the midday sun under an indigo sky on the beach takes a handy first place position for week 15. She is also brand new around here. This is her debut submission. Not bad! We love it when new girls win this contest, and Jcrc certainly did not disappoint with this shot. Congrats!

Brand spanking new girl Jcrc showing off a perfect beach body


MyCherryCrushx rounds out the winners’ circle and scores first place for this stunner-of-a-shot below. As always, her signature pastel style, combined with perfect exposure, and extremely shallow aperture makes for a winning recipe. CherryCrush is your fantasy girl come to life on Mygirlfund. You should take the time to click her shot and send her a message introducing yourself. You never know what will pop up in conversation between you two if you do.

mycherrycrushx is beyond gorgeous

That sews it up and ties it off for week 15. Stay tuned for week 16, directly on the heels of this post. ❤

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