Week #14 pulled out all the stops

Woah. The girls went and sexed it all up in week 14 of the hottest photo contest on the web. They pulled out the stops, yanked off the covers, and went to work driving the guys wild over on our Tumblog for this contest. Scores of shots and tons of creativity flooded our queue until we had to roll up our sleeves and get to work coming up with the most creative captions on Tumblr-something to do them justice for the hard work and love they put into their media.

But captions aren’t enough. We have to show our love as well- and that’s what this winners announcement blog is all about. Every week we hand out four cash prizes and throw in some honorable mentions for shots that came close to winning. It gives us a chance to show love, as well as wax poetic over the visual candy that gets dropped off for us on a daily basis.

This week we have three honorable mentions to show off before we get to the four prize winners in the winners’ circle. Check them out below.

Kathrynbones is sumptuously arranged in this black and white- She takes an honorable mention for week 14




Elliephant showing off her gorgeous ink scores a handy honorable mention for week 14 ❤


Embrr is brand spanking new to the hottest photo contest on the internet- show her some reblog love :)

Brand spanking new Embrr takes home an honorable mention in week 14 for her debut shot. Great start Embrr! Keep em comin’ ❤


That brings us to the part of this post where we start making it rain. The 4 girls in the winner’s circle this week sexed it up and went all out to make the guys on Tumblr crazy. They sure appreciated the effort, and so did we.

We start with GoddessViolet- she takes a runner-up spot for this ass-up shot of her in her natural habitat. It’s all gorgeously lit, and the light glancing off her skin like… oh yeah. Nevermind, you have eyes. You can tell it’s worth the dough. ❤ Congrats Violet. Sweet shot.

GoddessViolet enjoying some quality time in front of the lens

Lillymariexxx is all sex and fun in her band merch and ripped fishnets. She’s been rocking it for awhile now on our Tumblr- you should treat yourself and check out her stream of shots.  Alternatively, you can just click her pic below and go to her Mygirlfund profile where you can send her a loving message telling her how much you adore her. Congrats, Lilly- Runner-up! ❤

LillyMariexxx having a bit of naughty fun on the couch

That brings us to our pair of first place winners.

Starting with Sexysteph1988- woah. Self-explanatory shots are self-explanatory. 😉 She grabs a 1st place winners’ crown for this (ahem) hot shot. She walks that R/X rated line we love so much in this submission and this week it pays off nicely for her.

SexySteph1988 caught a hot shot

GemmaLemon would put on a winning crown for this shot below- but it seems she’s a bit wrapped up at the moment. So we’ll put it on for her and go ahead and wire some money into her Mygirlfund account for this Shibari goodness below. Do you know the difference between knot-work and rope bending? Pay attention below. This is the bendy goodness Shibari fans look for. The kink is great, but really what makes this shot a winner is the gorgeous photography. The depth of field combined with careful cropping and a sense of that magical outdoor lighting you can only get during certain times the of day. Mmhm. 1st place Gemma. Congratulations!

gemmalemon fit to be tied

Week 15 and 16 are hot on the heels of this post. Stay tuned boys and girls. Same bat time, same bat channel. Next week. ❤

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