Mygirlfund’s week #13 is in full effect

Week 13 in the hottest photo contest on the entire internet- scratch that. The hottest photo contest in the entire world is in full effect. Dreaming of fresh and new girls next door you can keep up with on the daily? You found the weekly winners post. You’re so close. All you have to do is hop on over to the Mygirlfund Tumblr page where you can see the queue drop daily. Go ahead… we’ll wait.

Wasn’t that easy? Now that you have a sense of what we’re talking about, we’ll catch you up on week 13. It was a dream, like we were saying- with so many quality shots to choose from it took the entire committee to figure out who the winners should be. We have two runner-ups, and two first place winners to present. Tell us how you think we did in the comment section below, and subscribe to this blog while you’re at it to get the weekly winners announcement sent to your inbox direct. 😉 We try for convenience, dear reader, we really do.

So before we get to the 4 cash winners for this week, we’re going to drop a couple of honorable mentions first. These are shots that didn’t win any dough but came very close. They came so close in fact that we couldn’t leave them out of this post. They are just too hot to not show off. Check them out below.


ladybex showing off her lil piggies and soles

LadyBex grabs an honorable mention for week 13 for this adorable shot of her lil piggies and soles. ❤


Bossbaebeexo all trimmedup with lights from behind

BossBaeBeexo all trimmed up with Christmas lights makes for a festive site, doesn’t she? She rocks an honorable mention for week 13 of the hottest photo contest on thew web.



Ryleydean chillaxin in bed for her debut shot in the hottest photo contest on the web- show her some love :)

RyleyDean’s debut shot makes it into an honorable mention spot for week 13! So close. 🙂 Gorgeous shot from a gorgeous girl. ❤


missyccXO showing off her bikini body in heart-shaped shades

missyccXO showing off her bikini body in heart-shaped shades makes honorable mention for week 13! Super hot shot Missy! ❤



Heraxo starts off the winner’s announcement, and this sexy underboob shot in the outdoor sun snaps up a runner-up spot in the winner’s circle. Easy money. $ Congrats Hera!

Heraxo is so fresh and so clean

Leahlove knows full well that she doesn’t have to pay a bunch of money to get a quality mud-bath. This shot of her rocking it in the great outdoors sans-clothes caught our attention and stayed in the running all week. It won her some cash for week 13 and took the other runner up position in the weekly running. Congrats Leah, keep em comin!

LeahLove indulging in a mudbath

Joannaa is another brand new contestant and her two shots did something to catch the eye of our audience, as well as the judges. Catch the eye, keep the eye. It’s the surest way to win a first place spot in this contest, and she did it on her first try. We can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve for us. Congrats Joannaa! ❤

Brand new girl joannaa in her natural habitat- welcome her to the hottest photo contest on the planet

joannaa with a demure over-the-shoulder- headshot

And then Berryxo- last but certainly not least. This shot is pro-tastic, and easy as hell on the eyes, don’t you agree? We recognize quality when we see it, and this makes for a total of three brand new girls who won money on their first roll in the hottest contest on the web. ❤ Congrats Berry, first place!~

berryxo is brand new around here, show her some love :)

That wraps it up. Stay tuned for week 14. Coming hot on the heels of this post. ❤





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