Week #12 was epic

Welcome to the week 12 winner’s announcement for the hottest photo contest on the internet. It ended up being an epic week with oodles of hot shots dropped off in our queue. You can see it for yourself if you like by shooting on over to our Tumblr and perusing the lineup. After you do that, make sure you let us know how you think we did by leaving a comment and telling us if your favorite girl won or not.

In the meantime, we’ll get to our honorable mentions for the week. These are shots that didn’t win any dough but came oh-so-very-close. This week we have four to show off before we tell who won the two runner-up spots, and the two winning positions. You can check them out below.


harperm is selfietastic

The selfietastic Harper M takes an honorable mention home for week 12 ❤


LexDollface looks adorable complimented in pink and red

Lex Dollface complimented in Pink and Red takes home an honorable mention for week 12 ❤

Indicat is all grins and wins in this sexy shot

Indicat and her gorgeous selfie arrangement here takes an honorable mention in week 12



LovelyLysa is brand spanking new to the hottest photo contest on the web- show her some reblog love

The brand spanking new Lovelylysa grabs an honorable mention for this scorching hot shot



That brings us to the best part of the weekly post, the part where we start throwing around money to the hottest shots of the week. The task is daunting, but someone has to do it, folks.

We start with our two runner-up spots. Bossbaebeexo strolls into the first of those two spots with these two extra hot shots below. We have a soft spot for shots that walk that X/R rated line, and this is beautifully achieved by one of our regular contestants. You should check out the rest of her submissions over on our Tumblr, or even better, click one of her shots here below and check out her Mygirlfund profile. You’ll be glad you did! Congrats BossBae- great shots. 🙂

Bossbaebeexo looking like a million bucks

this is our favorite Bossbaebeexo shot yet


Cuban Cutie takes home some greenbacks and scores the second runner-up position for this pair of shots below. We love her look and style, don’t you? She is a brand new contestant in our contest, and it pays off nicely for her in her debut shots. Congrats Cuban Cutie, nice shots!

cubancutie is brand spanking new to our photo contest- show her some love :)/p>

Loving Cubancutie’s look

That brings us to our pair of first place winners, starting with LeahLove- wearing nothing but the sunshine- and doing some naked yoga at a sexy outdoor picnic. Spring has sprung folks. Leahlove is all about it. Congrats Leah, gorgeous shots!

LeahLove is Zen master sex

LeahLove wearing nothing but the sunshine in this sexy side-by-side

And that leaves CarleeBelle, and her outdoor nude shenanigans to steal away the remaining first place spot in week 12. She’s got three shots to drool over, and you can check them out below. Goodness, this girl knows how to wear a pair of blue jeans, doesn’t she? Congrats Carlee, these shots are smokin hot. Congrats!

Doesn’t CarleeBelle have a gorgeous smile?

mmph-CarleeBelle knows how to rock a pair of blue jeans

CarleeBelle is pants off dance off time in this sexy shot

Your favorite girls haven’t slowed it down a bit. You can check them out at our tumblr, twitter, or on any number of other common destinations on the web. ❤ It’s all love at Mygirlfund. See you there!

Until next week boys and girls. Ciao.




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