Don’t miss mygirlfund’s week #11

Welcome to the winner’s announcement for week 11 in the hottest photo contest on the web. More likely than not, you have seen our Tumblr, Twitter, or Reddit- but if you haven’t, make sure you go check it out to get context for this post. The freshest, newest, hottest girls on the internet from all around the world all submit their best shots every week for a chance at one of 16 cash prizes that we award monthly. It’s a don’t miss sort of thing if you are into these compelling personalities and smoking hot media submissions like we are.

We start off with our honorable mentions like we usually do, and this week we have 3 to share with you. These are shots that didn’t win one of our 4 weekly prizes, but came very close. We can’t bear to leave them out- check them out below.


EvelynIrons is fit to be tied

EvelynIrons is fit to be tied, and it looks like she’s having so much fun 😉 She grabs an honorable mention for this week.



LexDollface rocking large frame glasses and ink scores an honorable mention for week 11


This selfie from PrincessConnie is on fire- she scores an honorable mention for week 11


That brings us to the point in the contest everyone waits for. Where we start handing out greenbacks for the shots that rose to the top. Our winners circle this week is outstanding, and you can see why we think so by scrolling down a bit.

We start with MarieBriar- she is a brand spanking new contestant and we’re loving everything about this shot below. The color palette, the exposure, the lines- it’s all on point. She scores a runner up spot for week 11. Click her shot and tell her she won the hottest photo contest on the web yourself. Congrats Marie!

We’re loving everything about MareeBriar’s debut shot in the hottest photo contest on the web

Cosmogirlxxx set the interwebs on fire and rocked the notes for this sexy dark-side-of-the-force shot below. Her cosplay game has really taken an uptick lately, and this week it pays off for her nicely. She scores our other runner-up spot in the intergalactic winner’s circle for week 11. Congrats Cosmo! ❤

Cosmogirlxxx is Darth Vader’s sexy mistress

Skullkid outdid herself for week 11, and sent us these two smoldering shots below of her having some funtime in the tub. With or without the pink wig, and glittery goodness she is absolutely divine. She grabs a first place spot in week 11. We don’t know how many wins Skullie has racked up in this contest, but it’s a significant number. This is a girl that makes the most of her quality time in front of the lens. If you want to step your selfie game up to the next level, this is the girl to watch. She’s all that and then some more. Click one of these two shots below and let her know she grabbed another first place win. Congrats Skullkid! ❤

skullkid soaking in the tub looking fab in pink and ink


skullkid is glittertastic in the tub :P

Kaate sent us not one or two, but three sizzling shots for week 11, and it catapulted her to the head of the pack. She scores first place for these gorgeously lit shots below. She really knows how to titillate. Our audience can’t get enough of her either. Congrats Kaate, you did it again. Kudos! ❤

kaate absolutely rocking it in the hottest photo contest on the web

kaate does red superbly

kaate freeing the nipple in the morning chill

That wraps it up for week 11, stay tuned for week 12 – right around the corner. ❤ Ciao!







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