Springing into mygirlfund’s week #10

Welcome to the week 10 winners announcement for the hottest photo contest on the internet. Spring fever is upon us and it has us sprung on all the hot shots that we’re seeing.  Spring always seems to bring a renewed sense of enthusiasm from our contestants, and you can scroll down to see exactly what we mean.

We’ve got the spot you want to be in this year if you like the freshest girls next door rocking their hottest shots in the sexiest photo contest around. Mygirlfund.com has more real girls than you know what to do with, but trust us, they know what to do with you. All you have to do is hop on over there and send a message or two to your favorite girls letting them know you think they are the bee’s knees. From there, they know what to do. 😉

It starts off this week with the honorable mentions like it always does. These are shots that didn’t win any cash this week but came oh-so-close. Sometimes we include one or two, just to prime the pump, but this week we have four to show you. They were just too hot to leave out- we think you’ll agree. Check them out below.

Qtbabybeth’s post-shower selfie is so classy 🙂 it takes honorable mention in week 10 ❤



Selx3 is brand new to the hottest photo contest on the internet- show her some love people, she took an honorable mention in week 10. 🙂


Heraxo sent us this fab closeup

Heraxo sent us this fab closeup- it takes honorable mention in week 10 ❤


KittyMoon is a study in reds

The outrageously hot KittyMoon takes an honorable mention in week 10 ❤

That brings us to the best part of the contest- where we start handing out money. 😀 If you see your favorite girl down below make sure you click her shot and send her a message letting her know that she placed in the winner’s circle for week 10. She’ll be glad you did!

Nalaa- the gorgeous and inimitable Nalaa from behind in black on a cream backdrop makes for a dynamically arranged shot. We had to give up some dough for it. She takes a runner-up spot in week 10. Congrats Nalaa!

Nalaa’s mile long legs

Ladybex is sleek and on fleek in this shot below.  Sometimes simple is better and this week it paid off for her so nicely. She scores a runner-up position in week 10. Congrats LadyBex. ❤

ladybex knows what you want


sexysteph1988 sent us these two stunners below. They just speak for themselves, don’t they? She has a sense of style and class about her that is all her own. We couldn’t be more proud of the progress she has made with her media over the course of the last couple of years. This girl knows how to rock it! She takes an easy first place position in the winner’s circle for week 10. Congrats, Steph- you earned it this week, enjoy the $. ❤

SexySteph1988 has green eyes and auburn tresses

SexySteph1988’s shots just keep getting better

The elusive and beautiful gagreflex made a surprise appearance in week 10 and sent us these two gorgeously arranged shots below that put her in the pole position for this week. She is an all-American girl-next-door-type that will leave you wanting more every time. Our audience couldn’t get enough and neither could we. Congrats GagReflex, first place for week 10.

gagreflex has got that classic look

gagreflex does contrast the right way.

That stacks it and wraps it for week 10 folks. Stay tuned for week 11 and 12, coming hot on the heels of this post. ❤



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