Week #9 of the hottest photo contest on the internets

It’s been a question plaguing mankind for ages: What and where is the hottest photo contest on the internet? Our scientists, audience metrics, and peer review board have finally answered this definitively. This is it. There. Now we can all sleep better at night. Feel better? We thought so. 🙂

Honestly, though? It’s a pleasure to serve the audience we do, as they are some of the most enthusiastic and engaged on the web. And why wouldn’t they be? These girls draw in people from all over the world who want to see what the latest antics are, from the girls next door types who haunt our queue on the regular. Just go ahead and click any one of these shots below and go say hi to your favorite girl to see for yourself. You will be glad you did.

If you saw them here in these blog posts, then they made it far up into the stack of hotcakes for winners-circle consideration. No small task we assure you! We sort through and decide from dozens of (if not hundreds sometimes) of submissions a week. We only post the best of the best shots from real girls competing for one of 4 weekly cash prizes here. Tell us how you think we did in the comments! Did you favorite shot win?


kaate having a bit of tying fun

Kaate having a bit of self bondage fun. Nice harness. 🙂 This shot takes honorable mention for week 09 ❤


VikeyKitty is brand spanking new around here, show her some love :)

The brand new VikeyKitty popping out of her strappy shirt here takes home an honorable mention for week 09 ❤




qtbabybeth in a knit bikini? Yes please!

qtbabybeth in a knit bikini? Yes please! This shot takes honorable mention for week 09 ❤



Skyyylineeeeee has mile long thigh high boots in this black and white shot

Skyyylineeeeee and her mile-high boots take an honorable mention in week 09 for this gritty black and white ❤

bootyfulNaya starts off the winners-circular lineup and scores a handy runner-up for this soft and beautiful shot of her laying in bed with the tiniest of smiles. You can click her shot and tell her congratulations yourself on her mygirlfund profile. 🙂

bootyfulNaya is brand spanking new to the hottest photo contest on the web- show her some love :)

XemmaRose1 is brand new, and doesn’t have any trouble at all winning some cash money for the other runner up spot in week 09. Congrats Xemma!


MissFawnie takes the pole position for this shot below of her chillin in bed with a pastel ribbon choker. We’re so into it. 🙂 Her mygirlfund profile is worth checking out, just click her shot and you’ll know what we mean. Congrats!

Loving MissFawnie’s pastel ribbon choker

misskaitlin catapults to the head of the pack and takes the other first place spot in week 09 for this adorbs shot of her showing off her pedi. MissKaitlin is all that. It’s undeniable. Congrats Kaitlin, enjoy the spending cash! ❤

MissKaitlin with toes pointed for this hot shot

That puts it to sleep for week 09. Make sure you check us out on twitter, and tumblr for the daily drop of your favorite girls. ❤ Until next week, boys and girls. Ciao!

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