All love in week #8

Week 8 was all love in the hottest photo contest on the web. It was one of our hardest weeks yet to call, and we had to bring out the entire critical coalition to come to an accord about who should populate the winner’s circle this week.

There are four honorable mentions this time to include here because we just couldn’t bear to leave them out of this post. We will make short work of it, and get you right into the good stuff in week 8. We think you’ll agree that this Tumblog is where the good stuff is at. It’s more than meets the eye as well because you can actually talk to any of the girls you see here. Elsewhere on the internet, you get to drool over the eye candy you see perhaps, but on mygirlfund you get to actually make 1 on 1 connections with your muses.

So don’t feel bad about clicking any of these shots below, and skipping on over to the profile of your favorite girl. You can leave a message introducing yourself, and send your congratulations to the ones who catch your eye. We curate the best of the best shots here in this post every week, but you can check out the daily drop here, so you can keep up with the hottest photo contest on the web yourself. Let us know how we’re doing, and sound off in the comments below!

We’ll start right off with our honorable mentions.

Welcome the brand new Chaundraann, she’s brand new to the hottest photo contest on the web :)

Brand new ChaundraAnn takes an honorable mention in week 8- we can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us. ❤


kittygirl is bottoms up wearing nothing but a grin.

KittyGirl Bottoms up in bed wearing nothing but a grin takes an honorable mention in week 8 ❤

harper m rocking perfect depth of field in this cute shot

Ms. Harper M takes an honorable mention in week 8 for this silky shot. ❤

Say what’s up to AshleyBeth10- she’s brand new to the hottest photo contest on the web

The brand new and bootlylicious AshleyBeth10 takes an honorable mention in week 8 for this candid selfie below ❤



FoxyMay kicks off the best part of the post. (The part where we hand out money. :P) Check her out below rocking conrast like a boss. This chestnut-haired beauty is brand new, and already in position near the head of the pack. We love it when that happens! You can click her shot below and shoot on over to her mygirlfund profile and send her your congrats yourself. ❤

FoxyMay from behind is gorgeous- she’s brand new to the hottest photo contest on the internet, show her some love :)

LydiaLion is another brand-spanking-new girl who gravitated to the top of the pile with this gorgeously colored and candid shot below. Sometimes, keeping it simple is simply the way to go, and this week it scores LydiaLion some greenbacks. Congrats Lydia!

Sweet shot from LydiaLion

Kaate does it again, and with good reason. She takes first place in week 8 for these (three!) gorgeous shots below. Either one of them could have won her a spot in the winner’s lineup, but all three of them together propels her to the top of the class. It’s an easy win for her this week. Send her your congrats by clicking her shot and letting her know she handily won week 8 by a mile. ❤

kaate and her pet watermelon. :)

kaate reacting to the chilly air through her window

kaate admiring the ocean view- we can’t take our eyes off Kaate

Last but certainly not least, LilyFey takes the other pole position for this pastel shot below. Simple, soft, and serene wins the competition for her, and we’re more than happy to shell out some dough for the excellent offering. Beautifully done Lily, congrats!

This shot from LilyFey is sumptious.

That pulls it all together for week 8. Stay tuned to see who won in week 9! Don’t forget to leave your comments below and let us know who you think should have won!

Until next week. ❤

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