Things really picked up in week #5

1/28-2/5 Marks the 5th week of the mygirlfund photo contest on tumblr, and it was probably the best week of the year so far. Week 6 looks just as good, if not better. Things are really picking up in the hottest photo contest on the web. If you’re already subscribed, to this newsletter, aren’t you glad? We have the best amateur girls on the internet all vying for a chance at one of 4 cash prizes that we give away weekly. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. The girls post their hottest shots of the week, and you dear reader, reblog, tweet, tumble and upvote your favorite posts like the fans that we know you are. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Well, that leaves us to get down with the get down, and show you who made the winners circle for week 5. But first like we usually do, lets check out a few honorable mentions. Posts that didn’t win, but came oh-so-close.


Brendablack and all that back. Goodness, she is brand new to the hottest photo contest on the web. Show her some love :)

BrendaBlack and all that back scores honorable mention for week 5. Goodness. ❤


BabyGirlEmma is as cute as a button

BabyGirlEmma is as cute as can be in pastel colors. She scores an honorable mention for week 5 ❤





MiamiGirlJess is brand spanking new here- show her some reblog love :)

We couldn’t leave out MiamiGirlJess- Caliente! That dress is to die for. She scores honorable mention in week 5 ❤

HarperM taking advantage of the natural light pouring in through her window takes a runner up spot this week. That white and red really make for a gorgeous color combo, and this shot is as sharp as a tack, and as hot as a 5 alarm fire. You can click her shot yourself and tell her she won the hottest photo contest on the web! ❤

harperm is just made of perfection

AuroraRosexxx is brand new, and already winning cash in this contest. That’s a wonderful thing. We love it when that happens! All that sexy back, and that cute-as-a-button ink. We’re loving it. Click her shot and tell her you saw her win the runner up spot in the hottest photo contest on earth. She’ll be glad to hear the news if you can tell her before we do. 😉

Brand new AuroraRoseXX looks like a million bucks, doesn’t she?


Surfbabe makes it look so easy, doesn’t she? Her shots are always creme-de-le-creme. She carefully curates, and oly sends in her best. It has paid off for her a couple of times now we believe. Check out her stream on our tumblog, and tell us you don’t think she’s the bees knees. We know she rocked our socks this week. These two shots below are clear examples of why. Hit her up and tell her she looks great with that first place crown for week 5. We’re sure she’ll be glad to hear the news. ❤

Shower selfies from Surfgirl? Yes please


You wouldn’t mind waking up to Surfgirl

We saved the best shot for last. MyCherryCrush has a thing for these pastel colors, and they have a thing for her. They work out so gorgeously for her. We’re always happy to see her shots pop up in our queue and this week was no exception. Everything about this shot is on point. We don’t know how this could have got any hotter. Congrats Cherry! 1st place ❤

mycherrycrushx is pretty in purple and pink

That wraps it and stacks it. We are already on writing week 6, so stay tuned ladies and gents. It only gets hotter from here.


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