Showing off in week #4

Welcome to the weekly winners announcement for the Mygirlfund Photo Contest on Tumblr. This week we have a lineup of all brand new girls to share, and show off for you, dear reader. 😉

Last week in the first month of the new year establishes clearly that this contest is showing no signs of slowing down any time this year. These girls have momentum, trajectory, and that special somethin’ somethin’ that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Check it out anytime you want to- it’s proven. It’s a fact. You won’t disagree.It’s the hottest photo contest on the internet. You can subscribe to see the daily queue drop and leave comments and encouragement all week long for your favorite girls. They love it, you love it. Yeah. What’s there not to love?

So to get to it this week, lets call out some honorable mentions. These are shots that didn’t win one of the 4 cash prizes, but came oh-so-close.  This week we have 3 to share- check them out below.

Lailah in Vicky Secrets looking flawless

Lailah in VS looking flawless takes honorable mention for week 4 ❤




Heraxo spends some subtle time making this selfie delicious

Heraxo spends some subtle time making this selfie delicious and takes honorable mention in week 4 ❤




littlexgirl has got all the right moves

littlexgirl has got all the right moves and takes honorable mention in week 4

LauraWould kicks of the prize winning for week four and takes runner up for this clever shot below. 😉 Hungry for some 1 on 1 interaction? Why wait. Just click Laura’s shot and send her a message saying what’s up! You’ll be glad you did. 😉

LauraWould is a clever mynx. ;)

Jbooxie is brand new and just filled up with boss sauce. She’s got the moves below and it won her runner up for week 4. We have our eye on her style, and so far are loving what we’re seeing. Congrats Jbooxie. ❤

Jbooxie is brand spanking new around here, show her some love :)

Brand new DaddysMistress struts up to that chair, and proceeds to snap a few selfies. After a small butterfly effect from her camera, to our queue, and then onto the dashboards of tens of thousands of people later, she wins 1st place in the hottest photo contest on the web. ❤ We love it when that happens. Congrats, DaddysMistress. This selfie probably got him fired, huh?

Brand new girl daddysmistress trying to get daddy fired sending him selfies like this


Paigexoxx- brand new, and just all kinds of hot. We loved this caught-motion shot below, and doesn’t it just make you wish you were right there? Yeah. It takes the other first place crown in week 4. Gorgeous! You can click her shot and zoom over to her mygirlfund profile and drop her a message letting her know you saw her win this week. ❤ Congrats Paige.

paigexoxx in an ittybitty plaid skirt- standing on mile-long legs

Well that stacks it, and stores it for week 4. Get down with the best and hottest amateur girls on the web by just subscribing to this site, or by checking out Worth your time, and a whole lot more. ❤


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