Week #3 showed no signs of slowing down

Week 3 of the Mygirlfund photo contest on Tumblr went along like a runaway train, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down as the new year turns a couple dozen pages or so. It’s the realest, real girls, really willing to talk to you, really online to flirt, chat, and play 1 on 1. Go to tumblr and try to talk to your favorite hot girl there and see how you fare. 😉 But on the mgf contest on tumblr? Just click any of the shots you like, and you’ll be instantly taken to that girls profile where she can get some free messages from you- so you can of course tell her how much you adore her creativity, and clever compositions, right? 😛 You never know what will pop up between you two. The only way to know, is to try it!

This week we have a great lineup of girls who make this sort of writing extremely enjoyable. It’s so easy to talk about girls who really do their media right. They put so much love into this it’s unbelievable.The hottest group of amateurs on the internet? Yeah, without a doubt. But I digress. It’s time to load up the page here with gorgeous, and let that do the talking.


Nice ink detail here from KittyKildare

Nice ink detail here from KittyKildare – she’s off to a great start this year, her shot takes honorable mention in week 3 ❤


BustyBee299 is brand spanking new to the hottest photo contest on the web- show her some love :)

BustyBee’s cosplay shot scored her an honorable mention in week 3- it’s her debut submission as well! She’s off to a great start. ❤




Sensualsecret4u brings you into her world for a second. :P

Sensualsecret4u brings you into her world for a second. 😛 We loved it. Honorable mention for week 3 ❤



PrudenceK puts on her walkin boots and showcases them beautifully with a large aperture, and superb depth of field. These boots were made for walkin, and they walked her right up to the winners circle where she takes runner-up prize for week 3! Starbucks $ on us this week PrudenceK, congrats. 🙂

PrudenceK’s boots are made for walkin-..

MissFawnie uses the natural light to her full advantage here, and showcases those dangerous curves in the sexiest way. She’s confident, direct, and coming into bed to blow.your…um, mind. Yeah. She’s all that and then some, wouldn’t you agree? She takes a runner up spot for week 3. Click her shot to tell her congratulations yourself. ❤

Show the brand new MissFawnie some love! This is her debut shot in the hottest photo contest on the web

2Gurls reminds us that in some parts of the country, it’s still cold as hell outside. That doesn’t stop her from turning the sexy up to 10 though. She makes this freezing endeavor look entirely worth it. She grabs a first place in week 3! Congrats 2Gurls ❤

2gurls is brand new to the hottest photo contest on the web- give it up for her nipply debut submission

HeraXO puts on a 1st place crown again in week 3. This girl is on fire. Loving the mocha tones in this pic, and of course the cutoffs are amazing, right? Yeah, Hera knows the deal. She goes out of her way to choose the best of the best to send us every time, and this week it pays off nicely for her. You should check out the rest of her submissions here. Or just click her shot, and tell her directly that she won the hottest photo contest on the internet. (again.) Congrats!

Perfection from Heraxo

That wraps it for the third week this year. Stay tuned to see how the last week in frigid January turned out for the hottest photo contest on the web. ❤


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