A running start to week #2

Week 2 of the hottest photo contest on the web drops the other shoe and gets off to a running start. This week we have a lot of candids and a lot of creative casuals to show off. It just goes to show, you don’t necessarily need a bunch of expensive gear to win cold hard cash in this weekly event.

Every week we take the best of the queue and include them here for you to check out. We include a couple honorable mentions, and then 4 cash prize winners. If you want to get in on the action, and get your mygirlfund profile more exciting traffic from adoring fans, then just hop on over to the rules for the hottest photo contest on the web, and you can check it out for yourself. It’s fun, and easy, we promise.

So hit subscribe if you haven’t, and follow the Tumblr for yourself to get the latest from the queue as they drop.


Check out our honorable mentions for week 2.

thebabyzo brings the party with her

TheBabyZo brings the party with her and takes an honorable mention for week 2. ❤


Say hey to AmeliaMae- the latest brand new girl in the hottest photo contest on the web

The absolutely scrumptious AmeliaMae scores an honorable mention in week 2 ❤



sleepybabie in black and white is where its at

SleepyBabie in black and white scores an honorable mention for week #2 ❤





Check out MissRaven96’s debut submission to the hottest photo contest on the web- can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us

We couldn’t leave out this great shot from MissRaven96- who appears to be a travelling gypsy of sorts. This shot takes honorable mention for week #2 ❤

Now we get to everyone’s favorite part. The part where we start throwing money around. (Everyone loves that part.)

LilithFawn kicks it off and takes runner up for this super sultry shot below. We’re loving the fresh out of the shower look, and so are her fans. Click her shot and you can tell her congratulations yourself on her mygirlfund profile. Hit her up!

one of LilithFawn’s best shots yet

SensualSecret4u sent us this soft and contrasted shot below showing off her awesome ink. We love it! You can click her shot to tell her you thought it was great too. See if you can tell her she won before we do. 🙂

Sensualsecret4u has got great lighting going on here

CourtneyPage easily takes a first place crown for this hot shot below. In focus, great flat lighting, just the right amount of sex and sauce… she’s got it going on. You should check out her other submissions as well. (You’ll be glad you did.) Congrats Courtney, first place!

CourtneyPage is just outstanding in this #girlsinbed submission for the hottest photo contest on the web

DahliaJane and some beams of light make up for an excellent composition. This is the window-light-through-the-blinds done right. Let her know you thought it was as hot as we did. Congrats Dahlia, another first place for you! DahliaJane in window blinds light? Yes please. This shot is off the chain

Just wait till we see what we have in store for you next week. 😉 Keep in touch, and stay in tune. See you next week. ❤


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