The girls ushered in Week #1 with a bang

Bam. The new year comes in with a bang. The hottest photo contest on the web hasn’t been this hot, or looked this good in about, well- ever. It’s going to be a helluva year, and we’re glad you get to see it all start. Week 1 is ground zero, and every year you can expect 52 or so of these posts in your inbox to let you know which one of your favorite girls won the photo contest, and we showcase the shots that stood out the most.

You can expect a redesign of ILMGF, and this is going to be something you will love sharing. The look is gorgeous, with big glossy pictures, and juicy little… oh nevermind. We can’t give away too much just yet. But, if you are interested in headlining on the sites branding and advertising (with links to your profile) then make sure and reach out to us on Tumblr, or on Mygirlfund, and let us know! The sooner the better, so take a look through what you have if you want to get involved, and lets get together some of the best non nude shots we can to make your favorite contest that much more awesome.

Also, you can expect a lot more notes on your posts, and traffic to your profile, as we are putting together all your submitted content, according to tags that we have religiously maintained over the years, and will be promoting you with heavy reblog rotation based on hashtags. We will be coordinating with Twitter as well! If you have a hashtag that you would like us to include with your submissions in the future, you can do this one of two ways. 1st way is to reach out to us on tumblr. 2nd way is to include the hashtag in the subject line after your username. We will see the pound sign, and know what to do.

That’s just to start! Stay tuned for more info as it develops, and let’s keep rocking the hottest photo contest on the web.

Like usual let’s start with our honorable mentions.


LilyFey in the middle of the night snapping sexy selfies for us in her hoodie

LilyFey snappnig selfies in a black room takes honorable mention in week 1. We can’t wait to see the love she drops in 2017! ❤





cassieprincess looking fly- :)

CassiePrincess racks up an honorable mention for week 1 of the hottest photo contest on the web. 2017 is going to be an amazing year. ❤

KittyKildare starts the year off like a tigress and grabs some cash for the kickoff. She takes runner up for this large and in charge pose down below here. She’s rocking the confidence lately and it’s frankly hot as hell. Agreed? Click on her shot, and send her a message telling her so yourself. Congrats Kitty!

KittyKildare is sure easy on the eyes isn’t she?

The brand new and beautiful Bailey Barnes takes runner up and wins some prize money for her debut submission. We love it when that happens! It’s all love for this newbie. We can’t wait to see what else she brings to the table this year. Congrats Bailey!


Heraxo does everything right here in this shot below. Even the dutch angle is working out in this shot beautifully. It lands her an easy first place, and signifies a return to the winners circle for an already amazing contestant. Check out her Tumblr tag, and see for yourself if you don’t agree. Congrats, Hera!

Nice lines on Heraxo

Beauty? Another easy first place. It rocked our socks to see a candid shot this hot. Perspective and pose is all you need if you have even half-way decent light, and a decent camera on your phone. It’s all about sending only your best in, and Beauty strikes the right line between candid and composed. Doesn’t she seem so.. easy to talk to? Yeah, click her shot and strike up a conversation on her Mygirlfund profile. You’ll be glad you did. 🙂 Congrats Beauty.Beauty couldn’t be more tempting leaned over the bed like that. :)

Next week expect more updates! Stay tuned, see you soon. ❤

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