Say goodbye to 2016!

Say goodbye to 2016! It’s gone, and there’s no going back. 🙂 Just wait till you see how the new year started!

We bid fond farewell to 2016, with all the sugar and spice that came along with it. We were brought in to the natural habitats of so many hot girls, that we feel like we could be the experts on such matters. Ok, no we don’t really feel that way, it’s just an objective fact. Facts are, we have the hottest girls on the entire web, and not one of them is clickbaity dead-eyed, or camgirly. These are all real girls you can talk to right now, if you click on the shot you like the best.

That’s the thing. Nice pics are nice, but pics from someone you can connect with one on one? Yeah, that’s where it’s at. We have more where that came from in 2017 so stay tuned.

Let’s award our winners, and call out our honorable mentions and bid adieu to last year, shall we?


GabbyDoll cross processed and gorgeous as ever takes honorable mention in the last week of 2016 ❤





PrincessConnie showing us whats what with this gorgoues single-light headshot

PrincessConnie rocking a pensive headshot in single light sourced goodness takes honorable mention in the last week of 2016 ❤



Sensualsecret4u sent us this perfectly composed shot- sweet color pallette tho

SensualSecret4U has the perfect color pallete and composition for this shot- it takes honorable mention for the last week in 2016 ❤




KittyMoon takes home a runner up cash prize for this cheeky dslr selfie below. She looks excited for her new camera gear doesn’t she? ❤ it’s all love when that new gear purchase pays you back in the hottest photo contest on the web. 

KittyMoon got some camera gear for Christmas? Can’t wait!

Beauty gave us this late Christmas present, and it gave her a present back! She takes runner up for this naughty Ms. Claus shot below

Beauty rocks Christmas morning the right way

Beachgirlxoxo? Is there a more beachy-clean girl on the entire internet? We don’t think so. She takes 1st place for these 2 gorgeously lit shots below.

Beachgirlxoxo has got that mischevious look in her eye

Beachgirlxoxo sent us this exquisite shot

Pockettease deftly illustrates here how a simple shot on a blank background can go next-level with a bit of clever posing. This shot scores her a first place prize in the last week of the hottest photo contest on the web- click her shot to tell her congratulations yourself.

pockettease topless in high wasted courderoy jeans is brand spanking new to the hottest photo contest on the web. Show her some love :)

That wraps it like a gift for the year we knew as 2016. It’s all love for the New Year, and our next post will be jam packed with all the things we’re looking forward to in ’17. ❤


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