The girls showed no signs of slowing down in week #41

Welcome to week 41 of the GOMGF photo contest on Tumblr. This is the winners announcement for the hottest photo contest on the web, and you have the good luck to see it first. 🙂 Tell your favorite girl below she made it into the weekly winners circle. It’s a great ice-breaker, trust us. 🙂

This contest has been connecting our fans to MGF girls for years now, and it shows no signs of slowing down. See a girl you’d love to talk to below? That’s the beauty of it. You can actually click through to her Mygirlfund profile and introduce yourself. The only thing left is to sharpen up your game a bit, and figure out the best way to introduce yourself. Come correct, and show respect, because you could be talking to your next digital bestie with benefits.

Ok, lets get the honorable mentions out of the way before we get to the winners for week 41. This week we have three to share, and you can see them below.



HotPepper looking fly takes honorable mention for week 41 ❤


GreenEyedShorty has curves for days

GreeneyedShorty looking like a million bucks takes honorable mention for week 41 ❤


IndianaVox sent us this smoking hot shot

the lovely IndianaVox in blue takes honorable mention in week 41 ❤


That rings it in for our honorable mentions- now lets check out the winners for week 41.


LilithFawn kicks it off and takes runner up for her candid mirror selfie below. Smokin hot. Congrats Lilith!

The brand new LilithFawn sent us this topless selfie as her debut in the hottest photo contest on the web- show her some love :)

Raurry is brand new to our contest and her debut shot scorched the internet, and scored her some ends for week 41. She takes runner-up for this flawless shot below. Congrats Raurry! ❤

the lithe and brand new Raurry in the hottest photo contest on the web

Carmenlouise strolls into the winners circle, brand new- and picks up a first place crown for this gorgeous orange shot below. Mmm. Bring in the fall with Carmenlouise by clicking her shot below, and telling her she won the hottest photo contest on the web. ❤

CarmenLouise is a knockout on orange

And then there is fitBarbie. Sometimes, the hotness is just too much to handle, we had to just compulsively throw money at these shots below. She takes first place in week 41. Congrats Barbie! ❤

FitBarbie snapping ultra-sexy selfies

FitBarbie knows how to poke it out there just perfectly

This wraps it for week 41- and catches us up nicely. Stay tuned for week 42.

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