Piling into week #40

What’s up friends and fans? Welcome to the mygirlfund photo contest on Tumblr winners announcement. This is where we take the best shot of the week, and respin them for you to check out with your morning coffee or evening refreshments.

Dozens of mygirlfund girls throw their hat in the ring every week for a chance to win cash prizes. 4 winners emerge every week. This week was one of our slower weeks, but it always gets like that this time of year. It might be sunny or it could be rain- or just a little bit of everything. You never know what you’re going to see next on the hottest photo contest on the entire internet.

We’ll pile right into it and get to our honorable mentions for week 40. This week we have two to share. They didn’t win any cash, but they came oh-so-close. The shots were simply too good to leave out of this post. Check them out below.


yogagoddess in an itty-bitty one piece

This shot from YogaGoddess takes an honorable mention in week 40. Goodness gracious, those hips though! ❤



LexDollface sent us this delicious upskirt

A bit too explicit to win in week 40- but still. It gets a smile on your face doesn’t it? ❤ Honorable mention in week 40 for LexDollFace




anditat299 kicks it off and steps it up to take runner up for week 40. Andi`s style is 100% Andi. It’s sugar and spice mixed with punk rock and pinup, and this week that signature style wins her some cash. Congrats Anditat!

AndiTat299 looking fab af

AndiTat299 ruffled and tussled in this bring-me-to-bed selfie

CarleeBelle never met a location that was perfect for getting naked in. This girl takes her clothes off just about anywhere and we can’t get enough of it. She wins runner-up in week 40 for being one of the funnest and silliest girls around. You really should click through to her mygirlfund profile by tapping her shot, and introduce yourself. Stop in later in the comments and thank us. ❤ Congrats Carlee, cute shot.

CarleeBelle is the perkiest of the perky ones, isn’t she?


BlndHologram is an image beamed down from a satellite. A fleeting form floating before you- breaking up occasionally into binary static.

Ok, no she’s not. She’s a real girl you can actually kick it with. Want an icebreaker? Click one of these two shots below and let her know she took first place in the hottest photo contest on the web.

blndhologram in her natural habitat

blndhologram is brand spanking new to the hottest photo contest on the web- show her some love :)

SexySteph1988- whaaaat? She does it again? Yep. Steph takes first place in week forty for these two ultra refined shots below. Her style has been steadily growing into something her fans go crazy for. You should see the comments etc. she pull on Tumblr. This girl has got it going on. Give it up and let her know she can pick up her first place crown. ❤

SexySteph1988 in the cutest little checked tie

SexySteph1988 and some ball-gag fun


Well you know the drill. Same bat time. Same bat channel. Watch for 41 coming soon. ❤

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