The tricks and treats of week #39

The last week in October brought the Trick or Treaters, and with them came scores of ultra hot girls who decided that Halloween is just done better by adults. Everyone at mgf had a blast on Halloween, we hope you did too!  ❤

The hottest photo contest on the web carried on without interruption from scary clowns looking to ruin Halloween for everyone, which in our book is a great thing.  We’d give everyone a win just for that if we could- but our clown phobia isn’t grounds to win this contest- being hot, creative, and handy in front of the lens will though, and in week 39 we had four girls who did exactly that, plus a whole lot more.  We slaved and grinded until we came up with the winners, and we present them without further adieu below.

We start off every week with some honorable mentions, and this week we have three to share. Check them out first:


Mygirlfund’s SheaOliver has some questions for you

We’re digging SheaOliver’s style- this shot takes honorable mention in week 39



Lailah’s fangs are out and she’s ready to play

Lailah bares her fangs and takes honorable mention in week 39 ❤


Sexy Lanay takes her selfie stick to bed

Brand new girl Lanay grabs her selfie stick and takes honorable mention for week 39- we can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve for us ❤


GraceMelody kicks off our favorite part of the contest, and takes home some cash along with a runner up crown for this outrageously color coordinated shot below. Did she pick the balloons to match her hair like that?  Yeah, we bet she did. We have a soft spot for gorgeous color palettes if you couldn’t tell by now, and GraceMelody adds her own flawless beauty to a winning bronze and yellow combo in week 39. Congrats!

GraceMelody has a thing for balloons

SultrySinns takes runner up for this so-very-naughty shot below of her playing with her reflection on the floor.  The heavy vignette was the right choice for this shot, both to queue out the background, and to bring the feel closer to voyeuristic- which is totally appropriate for this shot. Great concept, and nice execution. Congrats SS, enjoy the bucks on us!

sultrysinns is pleased with her reflection

CherryBella. Winner. (can we all go home now?) No really, this shot is everything that girls try for when they go for the booty shot. When taking shots that have mostly skin in the whole frame, contrast and composition become extremely important, and Cherry nails it with aplomb. CherryBella is a Mygirlfund legend. Don’t know what an MGF LEGEND is? Make sure you click her shot below and ask her yourself. 😉 Congrats CB, nice shot.

Bottom’s up for mygirlfund legend Cherry Bella

Skylarheart showed up out of nowhere and decided she wanted one of these fancy first place crowns for herself. So her debut shot below took one home for her.  This shot is Gap meets Abercrombie meets Tumblr meets Barely Legal. It’s all sorts of Americana all rolled up into one topless bed selfie. Love it. Congrats Skylar, we can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve for us.

Sexy Skylarheart lounges in bed

You never know who is going to show up, or what they want to show us over on our Tumblr. It really is the hottest photo contest on the web. Stay tuned for week 40, coming up soon. ❤


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