More than just pretty faces: Mygirlfund’s week #38

The third week in October ticked off #38 of 52 in the hottest photo contest on the web.  It was a week to remember with the very last traces of summer showing through the fall atmosphere, and giving way to Halloween planning. Always an exciting time of year for the girls of mygirlfund who carefully pick their costume, and then recklessly strut their stuff in front of the lens all month long. The bedroom Diva transformation is where it’s at, and GOMGF is the place to see it live. Make sure you subscribe to our Tumblr, and watch our twitter for special campaigns coming soon. 🙂

Let the record reflect though- these girls are more than just pretty faces with eye catching assets. These are real, everyday girls that you can connect with one on one. These aren’t unreachable supermodels- (Even though many look like they are) these are the girls next door that you wouldn’t have the guts to talk to in real life, but who is actually super-fun to kick it with. Try it, you’ll thank us later. 😉

Let’s start like we usually do with our honorable mentions for week 38. This week we have two to share, check them out below.



You are missing out if you don’t kick it with IndianaVox-

IndianaVox repping the Toronto Bluejays takes honorable mention for week 38 ❤


The brand new AvaX makes radiant relaxation look effortless in the dying sun

Brand new AvaX in the dying sun takes honorable mention for week 38 ❤

Miahblast goes high key, mid contrast for the win with this black and white shot below. Dappled lighting, and excellent exposure control come together to take a great outdoor nude to the next level. Runner up, congrats Miah!

miahblast in high key contrast

AmandaBynes- goodness. All that ass stacked up into one shot doesn’t seem legal, does it?  Yet there it is, and it won runner up in week 38. Congrats Amanda, enjoy the spending cash. 🙂

Amandabynes sent us the perfect poolside derriere shot

LittleXGirl sent us this platinum blonde on black and white shot that works perfectly. It takes first place for clarity, and composition. It’s no accident when a shot is this perfect. Congrats LXG- first place. ❤

littlexgirl is brand spanking new here- show her some love :)

BLack Velvet does it again. And again. And again. She just doesn’t know how to take a bad picture it seems. Her print/film style, and superb modeling make her an extremely strong contender, don’t you agree? This shot below steals another first place crown. Best thing is? She will actually give you the time of day. Just click her shot and go to her mygirlfund profile- there you can send her a message introducing yourself. Tell her you saw her on the hottest photo contest on the web. 😉

One of the sexiest Black velvet shots we’ve ever seen

Well, that wraps it for week 38. Stay tuned for week 39, just around the corner.

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