Creativity abounded in week #35

The last week of September brought the rain, and  marked a clear end to the summer madness in 2016. We’re at week 35 and the hottest photo contest on the web carries on through rain, sleet, or snow. We’re on a mission to deliver the winning girls next doors to your inbox come hell or high water. Don’t forget to show your love, and reblog your favorites from Tumblr, twitter, reddit, or our facebook.

We fired up our typewriters this morning to crank this post out, and realized that this is a showcase week of sorts. You should head on over to our tumblr blog and check out the posting streams of all the girls below. What a lineup of creative souls. You can’t get fresh-off-the-griddle pancakes like this anywhere else on the web. These girls are all the metaphors, and then some more we haven’t thought of yet. Just check them out on mygirlfund for yourself though. It’s so much cooler to talk to them all in person, rather than hear us talk about them.

Your icebreaker? Tell them you say them here first. 😉 Girls know, when they end up in these posts, their Tumblr-photo game is on point. We make sure to highlight the best of the best in our queue every week right here in ILMGF, and we pay out cash prizes to the top 4 winning spots.

Before we get to that though, check out a few honorable mentions below. These are shots that didn’t win any money, but came oh-so-close. We have two to share in week 35.


You’ll find Lailah on our Bestof page a lot- shots like this are why.

This girl is on fire. Lailah takes honorable mention in week 36 ❤


Sensualsecret4u sent us this gorgeous shot

sensualsecret4u takes honorable mention in week 36 for this beautiful shot- ❤

Woah. Sexysteph steps it up and takes a win for week 35. Loving the composition and depth of field to go with the color pallete. It all works out great for steph again. Runner up, congrats. ❤

Sexysteph1988 has upped her selfie game tremendously


petitfuret grabbed our attention with her beautiful face presented in this exquisite lighting. The jelly bracelets are just a bonus. She wins runner-up in week 35. Click her shot and tell her congratulations on mygirlfund. ❤jelly bracelets on petitfuret look delicious

littlelovely is oh-so-new to the hottest photo contest on the web. That doesn’t stop her from taking first place though for these dark and dangerous shots below. This set rocked our socks, and our fans and friends on Tumblr loved it too. Congrats ll- keep up the great work. ❤Littlelovely in black on black

Littlelovely is brand new around here- show her some love :)

missyccXO. Missy who? MissyccXO. You never heard of her, because she is brand spanking new around here. Check out her #dormlife shot below, and tell us you wouldn’t help her study. Or click her shot below and tell her she took first place in the hottest photo contest on the web.

hottest shot of the day comes from brand new girl missyccXO

That wraps it up, and ships it off straight to your inboxes. Next week we do it again. Stay tuned! ❤

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