Week #34 of the hottest photo contest on the web

Where has the year gone? Good thing we keep this list of posts around on the web to remind us of just how many weeks (and years) we’ve been doing this.  This once flash-in-the-pan hot photo contest is still one of a kind.

The Mygirlfund Photo Contest has become a sort of Tumblr institution, as well as this humble blog. For years now we have been the hottest, and longest running photo contest on the web. Weekly cash prizes, an adoring audience, and girl-next-door after girl-next-door that you can actually talk to…right now. So many doors, and so many girls.

What has started off as a simple contest has become a right of passage for girls who have upped their selfie game to unbelievable proportions. As the saying goes, these girls look tumblr af. ❤

Check out our honorable mention below to see what we mean. When your done rolling through this post, hit up our instagram account and subscribe! You’ll be glad you did.


This week we have two honorable mentions to share before we get to the prizes for week 34.


The lighting really is all that in this shot from harperm

What should you do when the lighting goes all Davinci in your room? Do like HarperM and grab a selfie. Gorgeous honorable mention this week. ❤

sleepybabie with red Pan’s horns and awesome damage makeup

Sleepybabie in pans horns and damage makeup moves October into our calendars. Honorable mention ❤


That brings us to the part of the week where we start giving money away. Consider this our effort to make the internet a more beautiful place overall.

Kittygirl casually just shows up and takes a runner up crown.  It’s artsy sex and candy at Kittys place. Congrats Kitty, great shot. 🙂

We smell sex and candy at kittygirl’s place

If sexy was a super power then SuperWoman wouldn’t have anything on NoelleEastonxxx. This shot below takes runner up for  being outrageously hot, and for getting that light just right. Congrats Noelle, nice shot. ❤

NoelleEastonxxx sliding her panties off

Carleebelle in front of this jacked up beast-of-a-car is the hottest thing since global warming. If cars ran on gorgeous, instead of gas then Carlee would be a billionaire. We can’t help her with the billionaire part, but we can award her a first place crown and pay out a cash prize for bring beauty and beast together in this set. Nicely done Carlee, congrats. 🙂

CarleeBelle in leather corset and ripped fishnets

CarleeBelle looks so tiny next to that big, red car

Lailah picks up the remaining first place crown and grabs the attention of the internet with these two soft and supple shots below. Lailah is one of our contestants that always brings her A game. Every time. She’s all that and then some more, wouldn’t you agree?


Lailah is double trouble from above

Lailah has got the perfect poise

That wraps it up this week. Stay tuned for the latest week’s winners, coming up! ❤

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