Week #33 was a slow simmer

Welcome to week 33 of the hottest photo contest on the web.  The week was a slow simmer, and the shots came in slowly but steadily into our queue. Our fans and friends were grateful and showed their love with that beautiful clickity-click sound, and the girls? Well see for yourself. Life is good over on GOMGF.

This week we have an unusual amount of torso pics. Normally these sorts of shots don’t win very often, even though we get a lot. We thought we’d include some of the better ones that we received this week as a change of pace. Want to know how to win this contest? Check out this tips and tricks post here.

Before we announce the winners for week 33- check out these honorable mentions below.



GabbyDoll’s perfect tits

It’s a bit nipply in Gabbys room! This shot takes honorable mention in week 33




Check out brand new girl Little_sub’s silky black and white

Little_sub is brand new around here. This shot takes honorable mention in week 33 ❤


blondieellie is brand new, and soaking wet- show her some love :)

blondieellie is brand new to our contest- her slippery submission takes honorable mention in week 33 ❤


The brand new Lanaxx kicks off our weekly cash giveaway and wins runner up for this shot below of her chillaxin in the hot springs. Here’s to having a good time. Cheers Lana, congrats!Lanaxx is brand spanking new around here, show her some love :)sleepybabie wins some more money for this super sensual shot below.  She is one of our fastest shooting stars. Check out her don’t-miss stream on our tumblr.  Congrats SB. Runner up!sleepybabie in blackSometimes we don’t even know what to make of the shots skullkid sends us. They are simply great. She has a creative soul that shows through in her media in a way that is really dope. Check her out below breaking up into fractals. Congrats Skullkid, another first place. ❤

skullkid is breaking up into fractals

That brings us to the brand new caliluv57. She scores first place for bringing some major attitude to this otherwise peaceful bathtub shot below. Loving the color contrast as well. Nicely done Caliluv, first place!

Caliluv57 rising up out of a milk and flower petal bath. Oh- she’s brand new to our photo contest as well. Show her some love :)

So short and sweet this week. Stay tuned for week 34- hot on the heels of this post. Ciao!

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