Mygirlfund’s tumblr contest week #32

We rolled up on September and week 32 came and went in the lingering summertime breeze. Not a single outdoor shot broke into the winners circle. This tells us that the indoor season is upon us.  Best thing about  fall and winter? The fans. With all the holidays and cosplay etc. to be found they get kind of worked up, and supportive. What girl doesn’t like that?

Make sure you get in on the action and follow us on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, facebook, Tumblr, damn. The list goes on. Where can’t you find us? You should just go ahead and do that wherever it makes sense for you, so you can see the hottest shots from real girls next door on the daily as they compete for cash in the hottest photo contest on the web.

We’ll start with a few honorable mentions like we always do. These are shots that didn’t win, but came super close. Who do you think should have won? Sound off in the comments.


kittygirl in sheer

Sheer, and sexy. Kittygirl takes honorable mention in week 32 ❤



PetiteDream snapping candids in the mirror for us

Petite Dream takes honorable mention for this gorgeously lit selfie below.




JassyJasmine’s gorgeous smile

Jassy Jasmine takes honorable mention in week 32 for this super-cute selfie of her gorgeous smile and stonewashed cutoffs


That brings us to the best part of the weekly roundup. The part where we hand out cash to 4 beautiful girls in the winner’s circle.

GraceMelody is the first of those winners, coming in runner up for this gorgeously paletted overhead shot below. Congrats Grace, this shot was on point. ❤

GraceMelody has flawless skin

What would you do if you get lonely? Just click Lailah’s shot below and send her a message saying hi. This extra personable beauty takes runner up for this great plaid-and-lace-clad-combo shot below. She’s all that, wouldn’t you agree?

Lailah is as lovely as can be


SleepyBabie brings us deeper into the winners circle, and takes a first place crown for this stunningly contrasted shot below. Both the yellow and red, plus the light contrast work separately and together to provide this visual spectacle below.  Super easy first place SleepyBabie. Congrats, and great shot. ❤sleepybabie cuts a dramatic form in red- great selfie

SexySteph1988.. where do we start? First you should probably check out SexySteph’s timeline on our Tumblr. She is easily one of more prolific contestants, and her presence is alway well received by the friends and fans of GOMGF. Check out these dynamic shots below. This girl-next-door is secretly an absolute diva behind closed doors. She really captures the creative spirit of this contest well, don’t you agree? Superlative shots Steph, congrats on the win. ❤

SexySteph1988’s triptychs have been off the chain lately

Love this shot from SexySteph1988

That wraps it for week 32- week 33 is on it’s way, stay tuned!


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