Mygirlfund’s week #31 was fun!

Week 31 was fun in the sexiest photo contest on the web. Our girls were running and gunning this week with a great mix of outdoor and indoor shots. Summer is in it’s last month or so and these hotties are headed back inside to fire up the softboxes and polish up their fav selfie mirrors. Is it Halloween yet?

Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr if you want to keep up with the latest shenanigans from our girls. Holiday season comes early around MGF, and you will see all sorts of awesome cosplay starting about this time of year. Some of it is simply don’t-miss. (thank us later.)

Let’s get right to our honorable mentions this week. This time around we have three to share. These are shots that didn’t win but came too close to leave out of this post. It would be a shame not to include them for you to put your eyes on.

great shot from skullkid

Skullkid enjoying some QT with herself takes honorable mention for week 31

great shot from LivelyKaty

This hot shot from LivelyKaty came ❤ It takes honorable mention for week 31

gitsie has got your shiny fetish covered

GItsie teasing in her shiny gymnastics getup takes honorable mention for week 31. We ❤ flexible girls!

Aquaaa caught a piece of summertime with this shot below. She takes runner up for getting that sunglow to look just so. Scrumptious. She is brand new to our contest, make sure you click her shot and leave her a message saying congrats on her mygirlfund profile.

Aquaaa poolside is a site for sore eyes

Tinypeach is brand new to the hottest photo contest on the web- and her debut shot won! We love it when that happens. This shower selfie is the bomb, don’t you agree? Runner up. Congrats TinyPeach

TinyPeach is brand spanking new around here, show her some love :)

Brand new girl HarperM fired up her cellphone and softbox to grab this great shot below. It takes a first place crown. Congrats Harper, keep up the good work!

harperm is brand new around here, show her some reblog love ;)

shybeetzie- yet another brand new girl- takes first place with her debut shot below. This shot is off the chain. Everything about it is right. This was an easy win. Congrats ShyBeetzie, first place. 🙂


This week’s post was short and sweet, but stay tuned for week 32.

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