A perfect storm at the halfway point. Week #26

Week 26! We are halfway to week 52 of the mygirlfund photo contest on Tumblr. It’s a perfect storm of decadence in our queue right now. We could wax poetically in the summer heat about the girls next door and bedroom diva transformations- but you should just go check this out for yourself. This really is the hottest photo contest on the web. 

This week we have two honorable mentions to share aside from our four winners. These are shots that didn’t win any money, but came damn close. It’s a magic trick getting the winners chosen every week. No easy task we assure you. There are dozens of serious contenders rising up every week to claim one of the four winning crowns. Some girls pull it off with cellphone selfies. Others go all out planning their shoots for weeks. The competition is fierce, yet spooky friendly. Like the other girls actually like it when you win!

If you are wondering how you can get in on the action, just grab a free mygirlfund account and check this post for rules on submitting. OK, on to week 26`s honorable mentions.


Great debut from VTwerks

Tactile shot from vtwerks. Looking at this shot is like eating a piece of chocolate cake. honorable mention!

kaate in dual scarlett ponytails

Kaate working the light out for this shot gets honorable mention for week 26. ❤

Check out the nature boost in this shot from MissSnow. This is just what we needed to see from our stuffy office in the ILMGF tower of  Oz. Loving the fun, and loving the light in this submission. That green water looks super inviting. Runner up, good job MissSnow. 🙂

MissSnow rocks out with her tits out in a kayak- doesn’t that water look warm?

kathrynBones takes graceful to another level with her shots. We bet she would be an amazing slow dance partner. She takes runner up for this simple classy, and sharp shot below. Good job Kathryn, congrats!

Kathrynbones makes it look effortless

dahliaJane leaning out of frame for this shot really incorporates the use of time and viewer perspective. If she weren’t looking at the lens this shot wouldn’t have worked at all. But she did! Superlative.Congrats dahliaJane, first place!

Love this shot from DahliaJane

coribells enjoying a little bit of quality time with herself and her camera caught our eye, and won first place in week 26. She expertly walks the line between composed and candid here, and shows a great balance between that X and R rating that our fans love so much. She’s all that, don’t you agree? Congrats Coribells.

Coribells spending a bit of quality time

That wraps it up and ships it off. Until next week- same bat time, same bat channel. ❤

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