Sexiness for days. Mygirlfund’s week #25

7/4-7/11 marked week 25 of one of the sexiest and longest running photo contests on the web.  Our girls have style and creativity to go with all that sexiness as well.  For days. They will go to almost any length to create media that you will absolutely love. What a great way to start the morning.

Often times though, it’s the simple shots that have the best effect. Our girls realize that taking us to bed with them is special and entertaining. So they pop open their laptops, and fire up their cellphones, break out the tripod and sometimes even lights. They get all dressed up (or dressed down) and jump into bed to start shooting. There is a dedication and a definite love for what they do. All we did was open up the queue, and they started pouring in. Ever since we’ve been handing out weekly cash prizes for the best shots. Keep up with the daily submissions here.

You can also talk to our contestants!  Just click their shot, and you will go to their MGF social media profile. You can sign up for a free profile yourself, and message your favs.

Are you a girl with her eye on that cash prize? Sign up for a free mygirlfund account and start sending us shots today. New girls win this contest all the time, why not you?

This week we have two honorable mentions to share before we tell you who our cash prize winners are.

Check them out below:

LexDollface sent us this full frontal Terry Richardson esque shot. Hot hot hot

Full frontal flash blast here caught LexDollface looking like a supermodel. Doesn’t this remind you of something Terry Richardson would shoot? Honorable mention Lex, nice shot! ❤


Nice shot from Sensualsecret4u

Sensualsecret4u is impossibly sexy. This shot takes honorable mention ❤





CarleeBelle takes runner up for hopping into bed and looking gorgeous. Not a bad way to win some cash. 🙂 This shot is clear and sharp, and the depth of field is perfect. Nice shot Carlee, congrats. 🙂

CarleeBelle looking fly as always

ladybex takes runner up for this over-and-under diptych below. We like the front and back, over and under theme going on here. Nicely done ladybex, congrats.

ladybex is our latest brand new girl in the hottest photo contest on the web- show her some love :)

Brand-new-girl JessaSmiley  takes a first place crown home for this shot of her sexy backside. Great arch shadow going on here, wouldn’t you agree? Serendipitous or intentional? Doesn’t matter- JessaSmiley had the good sense to send this shot in. Congrats, Jessa- enjoy the spending cash.

JessaSmiley is brand spanking new around here, show her some love :)

Jassyjasmine sent us two shots that just have that raw captured sex appeal you don’t see very often. It’s so difficult to get these sorts of shots with a photographer. Selfies are the best way to catch that quality time spent with yourself on camera. JassyJasmine proves that nicely here below. First place! 🙂

Jassyjasmine documenting a bit of quality time with a selfie

Jassyjasmine looking like a million bucks

That wraps it. Stay tuned for week 26. Until next week.

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