Week #24: New Girl Syndrome

6/24-7/03 is week 24 of the hottest photo contest on the web. This week we have major new girl syndrome. Our audience absolutely adores new girls, and so do we. Think you have what it takes to throw your hat in the ring with these beauties? Sign up for a free MGF account, and start sending us your submissions! The visibility boost is huge, and even if you don’t win, the benefits of rocking it on our Tumblr are plentiful. (Who doesn’t love being a digital superstar?) All our girls are digital superstars. Real girl next door types who magically transform into supermodels in front of the lens. (Usually from the comfort of home.)

It’s a spectacle that is hard to beat for sheer entertainment and raw sex appeal. Follow us on our social media networks to get the daily updates from the hottest real girls on the planet.

This week we have honorable mentions to share before we get to the cash prize winners for week 24.  Check them out below.


PinaKoala in panda undies

Leather motorcycle jacket and panda undies on a girl named PinaKoala. You can’t frigging beat that combo. This shot from brand new girl PinaKoala takes honorable mention.


Missmamamay with a bit of visual asmr

Purely visual ASMR. MissMamamay is an ocular meditation for your soul. This shot takes honorable mention ❤


LydiaLion`s legs are a mile long in this shot

Loving the atmosphere in this shot from LydiaLion. Honorable mention for week 24 ❤


lanaxoxo steps up first to receive a runner-up crown and win some prize money for week 24. Take note of the clever way that the light is bouncing and diffusing on the walls on either side of her. This is simple, natural and absolutely gorgeous.  The exposure is on point as well. If the settings were automatic for this shot, then the picture would have been exposed for the average light in the whole scene. It would have washed everything out and ruined the effect. Instead, the shot was manually exposed for her skin, which neatly blows out the background, and makes that bounced light glow so effectively. Nice job Lana.

Lanaxoxo sent us this stunner. great shot!

GiovannaArabella takes runner up for this bangin black and white below. Giovanna is as glamorous as can be in her natural habitat. This shot is punky and classy all at the same time. High fashion chic in a bedroom setting. The black and white brought the composition together for this shot, leaving any distracting color clashes out of the raw lines. This kind of thing is intentional people. Take note of the skills. You can click her shot to tell her congrats.

GiovanaArabella sent us this flawless black and white/p>

Laila brings it home with a first place win for this beautifully arranged shot below. Serendipitous, or expert composing? You decide. Either way, it’s possibly the sexiest shot of the week. It’s also sharp, focused, and uniquely positioned.  Try to work out where the camera is in this shot. We’re guessing that the picture was rotated left to get this great visual effect.  Congrats, Laila!



NadiaGrey in the golden hour below brings in our final first place crown. The shadows and depth of field in this shot are simply outstanding. We’re guessing this was shot at f3.5 or lower with a fast shutter. (we could peek at the exif maybe, but that wouldn’t be any fun.)

Note the focal point is on her hands, instead of her face. This draws the eye down to the subject naturally, and allows for there to be so much breathing room above her. It’s a handy trick for when you want to emphasize your subject against a wide and tall background. She nailed it. Congrats Nadia!NadiaGrey sent us this stunner of a shot. She’s brand new around here, show her some love

That wraps up week 24. Stay tuned for 25`s winners.

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