Mygirlfund’s smoldering week #23

June 19th-26th slid by in a blur! It was week 23 in the mygirlfund photo contest on Tumblr and  our queue stayed smoldering with submissions.  The theme for week 23 seems to be contrast. The dynamic range between dark and light that gives a photo that certain sense of drama. Our contestants bumped it up this week to great effect.

But we’ll get to that in a minute. First let’s take care of giving our social media channels some love. This is where you can see all the blistering hot contests that mygirlfund hosts-



reddit and of course don’t forget our photo contest tumblr. 

Now that you have your mgf resources in order, you can get all the updates on the daily as they happen. Make sure you shout out and reshare all your favorite girls. They do this for you dear reader.

Let’s pop off some honorable mentions for week 23. This week we have 4 to share. Check them out below.



Lululoves is brand spanking new around here- show her some love :)

LuLuLoves sharing some shots from her private MGF stash. Cute! This shot takes honorable mention ❤





The sexy and mischevious keriLynn

Brand new girl KeriLynn scores an honorable mention for this adorable selfie hug she sent us. ❤


NaomiBabyy doing the colored backlight the right way. She’s brand new to our contest- show her some love :)

New girl NaomiBaby sent us this electrified catalogue shot. It scores honorable mention in week 23 ❤



The fresh faced and brand new LydiaLion- say hi!

the new and gorgeous LydiaLion took a second to snap this cute selfie for us. It takes honorable mention in week 23. ❤


GiovannaArabella kicks off the awards and captures a runner up spot for this soft-focus contrast shot below. Serendipitous combinations of textures and mid-range contrast make for an emotional shot, don’t you agree? Congrats Giovanna- enjoy the spending cash. 🙂

Beautiful shot from Giovana Arabella

KittyKatonic also rocks the contrast in this shot below. She scores runner up for not being afraid to go dark! The blacks are rich, and the highlights on her skin make it all just pop don’t it? Contrast wins again today. Great job kitty. ❤

KittyKatonic is brand new around here- show her some love :)

LindseyHunt rocking a clipped back black setting and muted highlights make for a soft contrast that lands somewhere between the last two submissions. She scores first place for finding that perfect balance. Congrats Lindsey!LindseyyHunt is shaped with light and shadow

blackVelvet uses a different kind of contrast entirely in the shot below. It’s easily the best shot of the week. She is on fire! Color contrast is a fine art that you really need to get on top of if you want to step your color game up. BlackVelvet is an expert in color. You can check out her stream of submissions here. Note her penchant for muted saturation? This is so crucial when trying to find the right palette to present skin against.  You can click her shot to tell her congratulations. 🙂

Black velvet doing some light reading

That wraps it. Stay tuned for week 24 of the hottest photo contest on the web.

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