Week 22’s winners

6/14-6/21 is the 22nd week of the Girls of mygirlfund photo contest on tumblr. It was a slow week overall but we still had some fantastic shots come our way. Don’t forget to follow us on one of your major social networks so that you can get our daily queue drop in your favorite dashboard. Although we hand out cash prizes like its going out of style, the real reason that the MGF girls go to such great lengths for this contest is you, dear reader.

You can click on any of these shots and communicate your support to any of these girls. A lot of them are girl next door types who will chat with you and maybe even give you the time of day. Just tell them you saw them on the tumblr contest!

If you’re an MGF girl wondering how you can throw your hat in the ring for a chance at one of 4 weekly prizes then just hop on over here, and read up on the rules. It tells you everything you need to know.

This week we have 2 honorable mentions to share with you. These are shots that didn’t win any cash, but were included in this newsletter anyway for coming super close. It would have been a shame to leave them out. Check out this shot below for example, from Gabbydoll. :

GabbyDoll sent us this electric shot

Gabbydoll working on some advanced lighting techniques here- this shot takes honorable mention ❤



Or this one from gaelicgoddess:

Gaelicgoddess wearing nothing but a handbra

We loved this candid from brand new girl GaelicGoddess- this shot takes honorable mention for week 22 ❤

lilholly starts the part of the post where we hand out money. Her shots are always so well composed, and her sets are well thought out as well. It’s rare you see anything in lilHollys pics that don’t need to be there.  We’re almost certain that she thinks her sets out before she ever takes them. Smart!

Great job Holly- runner up!

lilholly gets naked while her stuffies watch

Kasielove takes our other runner up crown for this rich toned black and white below. We are loving the dynamic range on this shot. Very filmic. We can’t wait to see what else Kasie has up her sleeve for us. Love. Runner up Kasie, good job.

kasielove219 arched up in front of the fireplace

missKaitlin goes tits out for this kissy face selfie below. Cute, candid, and sexy as hell. That’s how this shot landed in the first place position. Great job Kaitlin, first place. 🙂

MissKaitlin leans in perfectly for this tits out selfie

jassyJasmine on the bed catching a smoke was a welcome candid break from our usual composed fare this week. It’s a moment caught in time- Cute, candid, and sexy as hell. (We see a theme developing here for week 22.) 🙂 It was popular with our fans this week, and landed itself in the first place spot. Great job Jasmine, first place. 🙂

JassyJasmine in her natural habitat

Stay tuned for week 23 coming up next week!


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