Week 21’s sexy torrent

6/7-6/13 is lucky week 21 of the hottest photo contest on the web.  We’re caught up to current with our winners posts, and this one should be coming right on time to satisfy your curiosity as to who won week 21. We’re doubling down and flexing our typing muscles as we keep up with the torrid torrent of sexy shots in our Tumblr queue.

The year so far has been really good quality wise- the creme de la creme of the girl next door types that you have come to love and adore so much from our tumblr has risen to the top. We have a bestof page that you can check out when you want to see a showcase lineup of (some) of the sexiest and most creative shots from our contestants. It all needs your attention to be worth the hassle, so go check it out and make sure you leave your favorite girls comments and reblogs to let her know you’re on her team!

For week 21 we are rocking 3 honorable mentions for you to check out. These are shots that didn’t win any cash, but were too hot to leave out of this post. Check them out below.


The brand new BustyPie certainly knows how to make an entrance

Woah. BustyPie is brand new- and she certainly knows how to make an entrance. This grabs an honorable mention. ❤


ohgeezchels29 is brand new around here

Ohgeezchels29 is brand new, and already her catalogue of shots is building nicely on our tumblr. Check them out for yourself! This shot below takes honorable mention. ❤




Say hey to LilyFey, she’s brand new here

The brand new LilyFey showing a certain sense of savoir faire in her composition. This shot takes honorable mention. ❤



LillyMariexxx starts off the winners lineup, taking runner up and candid win of the week for this summertime shot of her cooling it off in bed in front of the AC.  Lilly is great at knowing the R/X rated line she should walk and still be all girl-next-door. She`s one of our most personable girls- you should click her shot and introduce yourself. You never know what will come up between you.

LillyMariexxx looking gorgeous per usual

ApplePi wins some cash and takes a runner up crown for this gorgeously arranged headshot below. Simplicity works wonders for her beautiful face. The patterned light and wood grain underneath all that ink and skin looks marvelous. Great job Applepi.

ApplePi bringing advanced composition to the average headshot. Nicely done!


CarleeBelle steals a first place position with this shallow depth of field shot below. One of our recent posts talked about the importance of sharpness, and selective depth of field. Carlee seems to have read every word and applied it here. She’s one of our funnest contestants, and you just never know what sort of situation you’ll see her in next. Well done Carlee, first place crown.

CarleeBelle buckles up for safety

ScarletNyx is brand new, and already defining her own style. Sex appeal? off the charts. Rocking a pastel color filter? Check. Ass that belongs in a hall of fame somewhere? Absolutely. For her debut diptych she covered all that plus some bass- and scores a handy first place for her efforts. Congrats Scarlet. 🙂

New girl ScarletNyx dropped this serious study in booty off in our queue

That wraps it and ships it boys and girls. Stay tuned for week 22 of the hottest photo contest on the web.


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