Confidence, savvy and badassery. Mygirlfund’s week #20

6/1-6/7 ticked off week 20 from the calendar in the sexiest photo contest on the entire web. Maybe in the entire universe. The GOMGF photo contest on Tumblr has grown into an institution of confident sexuality, and savvy & selfie-centric expressions of all around badassery.

The girl next door has officially arrived, and we have the pics to prove it. 😉 Make sure that you follow us on our social networks, and get the daily drop of goodness as soon as the queue posts. You never know what you’ll see next.

Week 20 is all about general skill. In front of and behind the lens. You can tell when you see as many submissions as we do which shots are intentional, and which ones are accidental. In addition you can always tell the shots that were meticulously curated, vs. the shots that were serendipitously achieved. It stands out after some weeks whether or not a contestant truly is trying to hone her craft, or if she is just sending in ‘the best shots she has in her collection of selfies.’ 8 weeks out of 10, it’s the girls who are honing their craft that are winning. It’s worth it to take your photo game to the next level, and we are willing to fork over some serious cash to make sure you keep trying until you make it. 🙂 Where else can you get that sort of encouragement and coaching?

We’ll start off this week like we usually do and shout out some honorable mentions. These are shots that didn’t win any money, but came close enough that it feels like a crime not to include them here for your enjoyment.

This week we have  3, check them out below.



KittyKildare rocking a brand new look- love it!

KittyKildare rocking brunette instead of red- it looks amazing. ❤ Honorable mention.





The brand new and radiant cosmiccourtesan in a mirror that is off the chain gorgeous

cosmiccourtesan sent us this mirror selfie that had us admiring it all week. Honorable mention. ❤


kathrynbones does hdr right.

Is is art or porn? WIth Kathryn you really can’t say. She employs fine art lighting and composition, but then sprinkles in some crazy sex appeal. skills. ❤ Honorable mention.

anditat299 starts off the part of the post where we give away money. She won some for the detail shot below. Ruffles and Ink. What a gorgeous combination. This also takes our candid win of the week. Nice shot Andi, runner up. 🙂

AndiTat299 ’s ruffly derrierre


Kittygirl sent us this muted exposure shot below of her laying on the cool flagstone. We love the overcast look to this shot, don’t you? Runner up KG, congrats. 🙂

kittygirl on the flagstone wearing nothing but lace

JassyJasmine scores first place for these two shots below. They are both unconventionally lit, and she really stands out from the background with that lighting high and to the left like it is.  It works on full size, but as importantly it has crazy ‘thumbnail appeal’. That means that even when the photo is just a thumbnail, her form and features still stand out. It’s an incredibly useful quality to have in a photo. (More on this in another post.) For now, just click her shot and tell Jasmine congrats for the first place win. 🙂

JassyJasmine spending a bit of quality time in front of the lens

loving this shot from JassyJasmine

BlackVelvet had the best two stills of the week in our opinion. The exposure on these shots are so on point. Note how you can even see into the screen-door if you look. She captured textile and temperature on top of just being a flawless model. Her face is never ‘stuck’ and her style is all her own. She communicates in her media like few others do. Great job BlackVelvet. Another first place win for you.

Blackvelvet rocking it in front of the lens

Hot shot from Blackvelvet

That wraps it! Stay tuned for lucky 21, hot on the heels of this post. Ciao. ❤

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