The girls were sharp in week #19

Welcome to week 19 of the sexiest photo contest on the internet. Or anywhere really…

This week we will jump into the mix with the theme of sharpness in photos. Selective and intentional use of sharpening, both in camera and out of camera can make the difference between a shot that’s cute, and a shot that goes viral. We’ve noticed that contestants that pay attention to sharpness and intentionally incorporate that into their submissions tend to win more than those that don’t. It’s not a hard and fast rule. It doesn’t always guarantee a win. But it certainly goes a long way.

Sharpness, and the lack of creates depth of field- this allows the viewers eye to rest comfortably on the photo for a much longer period of time. Combinations of selective sharpness, and composition are what makes compelling photos that rise out of the mix. (In the technical sense. )

Want a tip to make your photos sharper? Use good light! It’s much harder for the camera to focus in the dark.

Let’s check out our honorable mentions below. These are submissions that while they didn’t win any money- they certainly got our attention.  This week we have three to share.


VonKittn sent us this great shot

VonKittn sent us this naturally lit collage of color. Honorable mention! ❤



love, love loving this shot from Cosmogirlxxx

Cosmogirl grabs an honorable mention for this exquisitely lit shot. ❤


LillyMariexxx with an inviting over-the-shoulder-shot

LillyMariexxx grabs up an honorable mention for this candid of her in her natural habitat. ❤

honeydripJ kicks off the prize announcements and wins some cash for this smokey photo below. Great lines- cool boots, candid composure and covered in paint. What’s there not to love? Congrats Honeydrip- runner up!. 🙂HoneyDripJ’s debut shot is a stunner isn’t it?

Carleebelle takes our other runner up spot for this shot below of her warm skin on shady stone steps.  Tactile!  Also note how sharp this shot is. Well done Carlee. Click her shot so you can tell her congrats yourself.

CarleeBelle’s form on warm stone steps


pixieH takes first place for these two shots below. Both of our first place crown winners have a pair of shots that expertly use sharpness as an artistic tool. Everything about both of these photos below are expertly achieved. Great job Pixie. 🙂

PixieH in perfect lighting

Brand new girl PixieH sent us this gorgeous black and white- show her some reblog love :)

TheSunlitSlut takes first place as well for these two uber-colorful shots below. Did you know that red hair and blue eyes make up less than one percent of the entire population?  Boy does this work for her in the shot below. Her eyes jump right out of the picture don’t they? These are both also excellent examples of sharpness. In the shot below, the focal point is just slightly different. She is the sharpest thing in the photo. In the shot below that, there is a slight sense of motion because she is slightly less sharp than the rest of the photo. See how that works?

Great job Sunlit. ❤

SunlitSlut looks ravishing in blue doesn’t she?

The sumptuous SunlitSlut

That wraps it! Stay tuned for week 20. ❤

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