A range of winning styles in week #17

Welcome to week 17 of the hottest photo contest on the web. This week we have a range of styles that won. From candid to carefully composed. We even spotted a selfie stick from one of our honorable mentions.

Before we get to it, remember to go subscribe or follow one of our accounts that promote our daily submissions. You don’t want to miss a single day of the shots that these beauties drop in our queue.  Whether you’re a twitter kind of guy, or prefer facebook, or even reddit- we have you covered. Mygirlfund is one of the most interactive sites on the web. Wherever you like to kick it, you can bet there are a few mygirlfund girls hanging out as well.

We will start off with our honorable mentions for the week. These are photos that didn’t win any money but came seriously close. We can’t just leave them out of this newsletter.  This week we have two to share. Check them out below.

Sunburstbabe wearing nothing but a handbra in a giant bed

First selfie stick spotted in the MGF photo contest! Sunburst babe grabs an honorable mention for this cute shot of her in an oversized bed. ❤


TiffanyMaria is gorgeous isn’t she?

TiffanyMarie is brand new to our contest- her shots scores honorable mention. Click her shot to introduce yourself!


For week 17 the winners were clear. The theme this week is composition. This is the art of making the viewers eye go exactly where you want it to go when they view your media.  It’s also the way to add drama, emotion, and sex appeal to your shots. Whenever you are thinking about that perfect angle for your shot, you are thinking about composition. Check out this post for more info on how to up your compositional game. Or just take notes from our previous winners. Rarely can a shot ever win if it isn’t composed properly.

Let’s start with CocainedBarbie. Aside from the great name, and the rare posting schedule she is on, her shots are always composed to get the maximum effect. Using her own arms and legs as leading lines, along with a strong contrasting sense of color. She rocks it every time she posts. She has made our best of page on Tumblr a couple of times already! She goes home with a runner up crown for this shot below.

cocainedbarbie showing off perfect legs

KittyGirl takes our other runner up position for this shot below. This shot won on one major point. Crop. Notice how she used the crop to “squeeze” your focus exactly where she wants it? This is a rare example where actually cropping some of yourself out of the picture works, and it also goes to show that you don’t have to have professional results to win money in this contest. This is also our candid win of the week. Congrats KittyGirl!

RubyButton scores first place for this shot below. A mundane shot of her reading a book becomes dynamic and interesting when you take into account the compositional tool called ‘leading lines’. Note how the lines of her couch, laptop, and book all conspire to keep your eyes exactly where she wants them to be. Is is witchcraft? Nope, just solid composition. Nice job Ruby, first place. 🙂

RubyButton is brand spanking new around here, show her some love :)

AerieLynn takes a first place crown home as well for this shot below of her being her sexy self on a floral print chair. Center-of-shot focus works great when the photo contains a single subject. Note how the vase behind her leads your eye back to the subject? 😉 Nice job AerieLynn!

AerieLynn looking fab in sexy lingerie

Stay tuned for week 18 and 19 hot on the heels of this post! Ciao.

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