Getting right to the good stuff in week #16

Welcome to the 16th week of 2016 in the MyGirlFund Photo contest on Tumblr. This week we will get right to the good stuff and deliver on our weekly prize routine. The only thing to do first is make sure we give our honorable mentions some shout out love. These are shots that didn’t win any money, but were still in the running for consideration all week. It isn’t easy calling the lineup every week, but somehow we manage to get it done. We think you’ll agree that it was a close week!

Before we get started though, you should go follow us really quick here, here, here, or here. You deserve to see the contest unfold in your favorite dashboard in real time. That way you can show your personal favs support by reblogging/retweeting their shots. Not to mention the other great updates you’ll get on the daily from the girls of mygirlfund.

Ok: Three honorable mentions this week to share. Check them out below.

LillyMariexxx ass up and ready in bed

LillyMariexxx ass up in bed looking extra sharp in her shiny one-piece and fishnet thigh highs. This shot takes honorable mention. ❤



Schoolgirl69 sent in this Vogue ready shot

We love the high-fashion-feel we get from this catalogue shot featuring Schoolgirl69. This shot scores honorable mention!




HotPepper looking coyly over her shoulder

Supercutie Hotpepper scores honorable mention for this over-the-shoulder-shot. ❤




Firebrand kicks it up a notch, and comes bringing selfies with depth of field. This selfie hug wins runner up, and is our candid win of the week. Congrats Firebrand. 🙂

firebrand looking particularly seductive

The inimitable RebeccaRoses takes the other runner up crown for this gorgeous shot below. The crop format works really well here, and so does the direct gaze. Hot! You can tell her congratulations by clicking her shot below, and sending her a message on Mygirlfund.

rebeccaroses wearing nothing but a silk tie

GagReflex secured a first place crown in the winner’s circle for this chiseled shot below. Simple, direct, and beautifully executed, wouldn’t you agree?  Congrats GagReflex!

gagreflex looking chiseled and beautiful

BlackVelvet takes it home with a first place crown for this shot below of her in the library looking all beautiful and au-naturale. We loved it, and so did our fans on Tumblr. Congrats on the win BlackVelvet. 🙂


Black velvet

That wraps it up for week 16. Stay tuned for week 17 hot on the heels of this post. ❤

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