Week #14 was full of surprises

Welcome to week 14 of the hottest photo contest on the web. Per usual it was a great week full of surprises. (Tons of new girls this week in particular.  (A couple of them even found their way onto the best of GOMGF page, and into this newsletter.) Sometimes it’s good to upset the status quo, and we’re getting lots of new competition for some of our more prolific winners. It’s shaping up to be our most intense year yet.

Anyway, lets get on with the get on already, and start with our honorable mentions. This week we have three to share with you. These are shots that didn’t win any cash, but still were compelling enough to include in this newsletter.  Check them out below.


HarperM is brand new around here, show her some love :)

Brand new girl HarperM brings a little cosplay to the table. This shot takes honorable mention. 🙂



Candy19xx is brand new here- give it up for her debut shot in the hottest photo contest on the we :)

Brand new girl candy19xx in a tiny white singlet. This clever mirror shot takes honorable mention. ❤


JasminePixie strikes a classic pose

We’re really digging Jasmine’s filmic style. This shot takes honorable mention ❤

Hotpepper starts off our winners announcement, taking runner up for this Ubercolored shot below. Just think, this girl sleeps in a veritable rainbow. (Why didn’t we think of that?) We’re digging the contrasting and competing textures and patterns in addition to that explosion of color. She’s probably an absolute blast to talk to. You should find out! Click her shot and send her a message introducing yourself. HotPepper in ultra color

VisciousVixen #freesthenipple and takes second runner up for this poolside shot below. Not a single overblown highlight in the whole shot despite the sunny weather. Nicely done! Vicious vixen strikes a pose by the pool

Firebrand rocks it selfie style in a single line of light streaming in through her window treatments. Clever and sexy way to add some geometrical composition to this already interesting diptych.  1st place, congrats Firebrand!

firebrand sent us this gorgeous side-by-side

PrincessItalia is bringing booty back, and snaps up a first place crown for these two shots below. The sex appeal is strong in PrincessItalias’ shots- all of them. She brings solid composition, a candid presentation, and the best and freshest angles. She knows what guys want, and absofrigginlutely delivers the goods. We have a soft spot for the xrated/nonnude combination as well.  Congrats, PrincessItalia!

PrincessItalia caught the perfect angle here.

No caption needed here for this shot from PrincessItalia-mmnnnfff**

That wraps it up folks. Stay tuned for week 15~



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