Week #13 was no joke

April fools brought no jokes folks.  Only stunning girls that trampled our queue like fans at a Prince concert. It was just another badass week over there at the Mygirlfund photo contest on Tumblr.  You can’t find a hotter, or more interactive photo contest anywhere.

Honestly though, to break from the usual chit chat. These girls have it all. Personality, chatability, (it’s a word now) and an actual human desire to get to know you. Just make a free account, and send a message. If you go to the site from one of these pictures, you could help your favorite girl win the MGF monthly sign up contest! That’s big bucks, so take the 30 seconds and introduce yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

Let’s start off with our honorable mentions like we usually do. These are girls that didn’t win any dough this week, but came damn close. This week we have three. Check them out below.


erincalifornia giving up a sexy salute

Brand new girl Erin California rocks a sexy salute. She takes honorable mention in week 13 ❤



Sensualsecret looking fab in knee high boots from behind

SensualSecret does the mirror shot right! This shot takes honorable mention ❤



JasminePixie brings it in for a win with this gorgeously painted shot below. If Japanese Traditional Black was morphed into Japanese Abstract we think it would look like a lot like this.  Solid win Jasmine, runner-up. Congrats!

JasminePixie is brand new around here, show her some love :)

LibbyLove is another type of painting personified. A living abstract representation of the 80’s. As a child of the 80’s this brings back jelly bracelets and teased hair without having either in the shot.  Well done, runner up Libby!

libbylove with some next-level fingerpainting

Now, to be honest, our runner ups were strong contenders for the twin first place crowns. But then, these two ladies dropped these next three bombs in our queue. We think you’ll agree we called this one right.  (How would you have called it?)

Maddisonmwah sent us this underwater stunner for her debut shot.

(We want to hear from Maddison in the comments to see how long this shot took to get.)

Maddisonmwah. This brand new girl got a NatGeo worthy underwater shot. The dark exposure contrasting with the light coming through the water is perfect. Most would have over exposed this shot, but someone got it dialed in just right. If you have ever shot underwater before you know how difficult this is to achieve. The interesting thing about this picture is that there was no flash used, or underwater light source.  Even if you get one good underwater shot out of 50 that’s great in certain conditions like that. She probably held her breath quite a bit to finally get this shot just right. Kudos Maddison, 1st place!

TheSunlitSlut grabs the other 1st place position for these two shots below. Check out the pic below for clear 1st place material evidence, Note she’s perfectly still, yet the shallow depth of field and wide aperture give a sense of definite motion to the shot. Our eye is drawn past the soft focus, and into the areas where it’s razor sharp. This sort of effect isn’t accidental.  Great camera work, and gorgeous modeling. Congrats on another win Sunlit!TheSunlitSlut is all that and then some. Loving this shot


That wraps it up for week 13. Stay tuned for 14 right on the heels of this post. <

One thought on “Week #13 was no joke

  1. Oh wow thank you so much 😀
    It spent about 3 hours every day for about 4 days in the pool to get this picture 🙂 I had it set up on video for some of it, and the timer for the other as i love to do my own photography!
    I only got about 5 good photos out of the whole 4 days of trying! But definitely worth it!
    Thank you for this opportunity! xo

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