A torrent of new girls in week #12

Week 12 was downright torrential. So many new girls hit our queue that we scrambled to even keep up. Exactly how we like it. If this is an indication of things to come, then it’s going to be the best year ever in our contest. We went from a humble little endeavor to ‘a thing’ in the last few years or so. It’s all because of weeks like this.

We’re including three honorable mentions this week, but we could have easily have added a dozen. Also, click over to our Tumblr and take a look for yourself to see all the other great shots. Make sure you sound off in the comments, letting us know who you think should have won.

So anyway, on to honorable mentions. These are shots that didn’t win cash, but were still amazing. We think you’ll agree. Check them out below.

MissyCakez is so.damn.fly.

MissyCakez takes the cake with this shot. It scored an honorable mention in week 12. ❤


artsykitty420 is brand spanking new around here, show her some love :)

ArtsyKitty420 really killed it with this subdued contrast shot. It takes honorable mention for 12 ❤


Kaylatq looking fresh af. #love

Kaylatq is fresh-faced af in this gorgeous shot. It took honorable mention in week 12.


ambrielle sage makes snapping car selfies dramatic again with this cinema cropped and dynamically lit shot.  It all just worked out for her didn’t it? She was probably on her way to get a starbucks or something, but you would think she is off to save the world from how this snap turned out.  She had the great sense to send it in- and it paid off nicely for her. Congrats Ambrielle, runner up!


tinypanda peering over her shoulder- just out of focus in front of an amazing color canvas begs the question- which is the art? Her or the art? Both? Lines get blurry around here, in the hottest photo contest on the web, and sometimes that’s a good thing. Happy accident? Intentional soft focus? It’s hard to tell, but either way- it won some money for being an outstanding submission in week 12. Congrats TinyPanda, runner up. tinypanda is the latest brand new creative soul in the sexiest photo contest on the web. Show her some reblog love :)

CarleeBelle bringing naked coffee back into style is just what she needed for week 12 to score the coveted first place crown. This week, that was no small task. There is something about this sunwashed shot that is fun enough to be candid, but skillfully shot nonetheless. It’s that absolutely perfect combination, that will almost always win money in our contest.  Click her shot and tell her congratulations.

If naked coffee isn’t a thing yet, this shot from CarleeBelle could easily change all that.

sensualsecret sent us this shot that goes with her moniker perfectly, don’t you agree? If you were to open this shot on a histogram, you would see the data confirm that this is an extremely dynamic shot. The entire light spectrum is present and accounted for, and that’s not an easy task in a simple portrait. Definitely no accident. We love it, congrats SensualSecret, first place. 🙂

Sensualsecret nailing down the fundamentals. good light modeling!

That wraps it ladies and gents. ❤ stay tuned for week 13- coming hot on the heels of this post.

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