Quality begets quality. Mygirlfund’s week #11

Week 11 of the hottest photo contest on the web was a lesson in excellence. Every day of this week saw shots that would have easily won in other weeks. It seems like quality begets quality in the mygirlfund photo contest on Tumblr.

You don’t want to miss the action, and rely on this newsletter alone to tell you who won. Make sure you keep up with the new submissions on the daily, and reblog your favorite girls. Let your voice be heard! After all dear reader, it’s for you that these girls go to these lengths to get the best shots.

For week 11 we have a trio of honorable mentions. These are shots that didn’t win any cash, but were still compelling and definitely worth including in this newsletter.


lala94 batting extra long lashes

Lala 94 is brand spanking new around here. Her debut takes honorable mention for week 11. Keep em comin Lala!~

Brand new girl Koneka Milk using Christmas lights and a dream catcher to her creative advantage

Koneka Milk scores an honorable mention for this creatively lit shot.

The brand new Miss Lady is a fun loving hippy peace goddess in a bikini- what’s there not to love?/>

MissLady is brand new! Her shot takes honorable mention for week 11.

kinkylittleone brings in the part where we start throwing around money.  She wins a cool runner up for this shot below. Looks like one naughty lil girl got into the candy. What to do, what to do?  Click her shot to tell her congratulations.

kinkylittleone is the latest brand new girl in our photo contest- show her some love

bunnyboo takes second runner up for this punk rock shot below with a silent movie caption. It all just works together great for this picture doesn’t it? We had to award it some money. (Normally we moderate non-photographic edits like this, but here… we paid some dough for it. Sometimes it pays to add that one extra touch.)

Normally we moderate non-photographic edits like this- but this shot from brand new girl bunnyboo makes it all work perfectly.

Heraxo does it again, and firmly establishes herself as a consistent first place contender in this contest. This shot below takes first place. Note how much room she leaves herself to breathe in this composition.  Nice job Hera, keep up the good work. 🙂

Heraxo in a tiny red bikini

Thecatcadaver throws up a left and a right for this in-your-face-shot of her being strobed and flashed in all the right places. It took 1/250th of a second to snap this photo and win a cool 75 bucks. How’s that for quick money? Congrats Cat, you did it again.

TheCatCadaver is fists up for this gritty single-light-source shot

That’s a wrap folks. Stay tuned for more sexiness just around the corner in week 12.


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