Get right into week #10

Week #10 did it again, with the queue bubbling up with goodness that you can only find cooking over on the Mygirlfund photo contest tumblog.   We could give you the list of shiny adjectives that describe this contest, or you could just head over there yourself, and be glad for a change after you subscribe to something.  😉

The rules are simple, the competition is intense and the community is incredible. You can follow your favorite girls a number of ways in this contest. Either directly on our Tumblr, or on any one of our other social media channels.

We’ll launch right into it this week with two honorable mentions. Every week there are so many good shots to choose from that a few inevitably don’t win, even though they are stellar. We only have 4 prizes to give out every week, so don’t get too disappointed if your favorite girl didn’t win.  Normally it’s just a matter of time before she scores some cash!


reesexxreeves wearing nothing but a handbra

This shot of Reese in a white manicured handbra takes honorable mention for week 10 ❤


PinkMaggit makes a delicious addition to any kitchen

PinkMaggit grabs an honorable mention for this shot of her wearing sumptuous pink and black.  This girl has style for miles. ❤

Heraxo wins some money, and takes runner up for this intimate shower selfie below. Tell me those suds don’t look soft and luxurious.  We are big fans of shots that have a sense of tactility.  Congrats Hera, nice shot. 🙂

Heraxo wearing only soap suds

Devinsaintxxx also takes a runner up spot for this perfectly posed shot of her rocking some non-nude sexiness on a set of lux linen sheets. This sort of teasing shot does super well with our audience on Tumblr, and it did well for Devin too. Click her shot to tell her congratulations.

Devinsaintxxx sent us this flawless shot

Hotpepper is our sexy girl-next-door of the week.She takes first place for these two shots below. Her candid style, and bright color choices really come off well for her. This week it won her some money! Congrats Pepper, keep em coming. 🙂


HotPepper killed it with this colorful upskirt

Vicious_vixen tan is so perfect, it’s like she’s been summering all winter long somehow. Owait, yeah. She’s just got it like that. She’s an MGF Legend, and this week she’s the first place winner in the hottest photo contest on the web. Congrats VV. 🙂

Vicious_Vixen laughs at your winter

Watch for week 11, coming right around the corner. Until then, <3.

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