Say goodbye to winter: Week #8

Say goodbye to February. It’s officially gone, and that means we are well into spring territory in lots of the country. We’ve seen indoor goodness all winter long, and now it’s time to start seeing all the outdoor bbq having, bikini wearing, club bouncing, trip-taking greatness that we have come to expect in the summer. The hottest photo contest on the entire internet is just heating up for 2016 and already it’s our best year yet.

If you are just tuning in to this masterpiece of girl-next-door #artporn then you are in for a treat. We can lay claim to the most genuine, most artistic girls anywhere on the web. These are human beings you can actually talk to. Don’t believe us? Just click one of these shots below, and send a free message. Tell us how you fared in the comments.

For week 8 we have 3 honorable mentions to share. These are shots that didn’t win any money, but were oh-so-close. Check them out below.

Great angle here from ErinRodgers

ErinRodgers from behind on a light blue bedspread. Such a deliciously calming sight. This shot takes honorable mention ❤


Loving this classic pinup from AndiTat299

Anditat299 in an old tin tub. Quintessential pinup. This shot takes honorable mention. ❤

KittyMoon against a frozen landscape

KittyMoon against an expanse of winter sky. This shot takes honorable mention .<3

LivelyKaty wins some money for this shot below of her teasing for the camera. Ever seen her tag on our tumblr? You should really do yourself the favor of checking it out. It’s extremely gratifying to see someone rock steady improvement in a linear progression. Every shot she sends just keeps getting better. Congrats Katy, runner up.

Did LivelyKaty score a new camera? Nice shot

JasminePixie scores a runner up position and wins some money for this gorgeous low contrast shot of her rocking all black to compliment her raven hair. Combined with black glasses and a runway pose- it’s easily one of the hottest shots we’ve seen all week. Nicely done Jasmine, congrats.

JasminePixie&rsquo;s debut shot is a gorgeous study in black

CarleeBelle shows up out of nowhere in a zebra-print bikini and puts on a first place crown. Check out the dappled lighting. You know that sun feels so warm and good. Congrats Carlee, nice shot.

CarleeBelle looking fantastic in the dappled light

Gagreflex is our fresh face of the week. She’s got a great look, and her selfies are crystal clear.  She’s brand new, but came out strong, don’t you agree? Click one of her shots to tell her congratulations. 🙂

She&rsquo;s a brand new contestant in the hottest photo contest on the web. Say hello to the picturesque Gagreflex

gagreflex&rsquo;s frosty blue eyes

That wraps is up for week 8. See you soon with week 9. ❤

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